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Is anyone going to the NACC meeting on 8th Feb in leeds

is anyone going to the NACC meeting on 8th Feb in leeds

If you are then i shall see you there

ps. does anyone know of any good clubs/bars/pubs in leeds
i may be able to go - i didnt know anything about it. if you wouldnt mind pmming me the details, i might be able to meet up & say hi :D



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Grrrrr thats really annoying, iv always wanted to go to one, and they dont have any in Lincoln. But i went back to leeds last weekend, and im going next weekend for infliximab - so cant afford the petrol! :(
Are there any speakers or is it just a meeting?
I'm gonna really try and go to the next one - it would be great to talk to fellow crohnies - iv not really met anyone with it before , apart from hospital! lol!
its a meeting

this is the messgae i recieved

"Hi Kay!
Hope you're well.
Just to let you know - some of us IBD-ers are planning to meet up on Saturday 9th Feb in Leeds, to get to know each other, and begin work on our little project...
Hopefully to make people at uni and college more aware of IBD and NACC - I know that affected my study and life loads when I was at uni.

If you'd like to come along, you're more than welcome, and NACC will cover any travel expeses you might have.

Take care, best wishes,
BenW :)"
its on the saturday. i recieved an email from ben earlier today.

i can email you the document if you would like?


wears odd socks
Its ok, i think im gonna have to give this one a miss, not feeling great today.
maybe next time.
But thanks anyway! :)