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Is Crohn's all there is left to talk about?

Some days I just feel like there's no point in talking. To anyone. If I see someone that knows I have been having trouble, it's all they want to talk about. And then I sometimes have trouble talking to my friends because rather than talk about normal stuff, they want to know how I'm doing (in reference to CD). I don't want this problem to take over my life and I appreciate their concern, but when the focus of everyone's attention becomes my colon, it's a little odd for me.

I feel like saying "I am not defined by my colon problem. Let's talk about something else." but I don't want to offend anyone.... :shifty-t:

Does anyone else experience this?
Yes and no, Colin. Ooops, I nearly called you Colon there!! Only kidding :- ) my friends vary from those who will briefly ask after my health then swiftly move on to those who want to know more about it and how it impacts on my life. Being recently diagnosed, I do appreciate their concern and I think many of them, like me, are still a bit in shock, I suppose, at being healthy one minute, to having a chronic disease.
TBH, I think at the moment, I am the worst offender. I'm looking forward to the day when, one way or the other, this first flare is under control and 'i've got Crohn's ' is not the first thing that pops into my mind in the morning.
Take care and hope you are well :)
I think you are lucky to have the ones in your life that care about you asking you how your crohns/colitis is. A lot of people ignore people - which I think becomes a really sad reality. It could be a good thing that your friends arent afraid of what is going on with you and are willing to talk about. If it is too much then tell them!!!! They wont know otherwise and I doubt you will offend them by being honest. Sounds to me like they really care about you and dont want you to suffer alone or in silence.
If I was you.. I'd just say something along the lines of, 'I'm not doing too badly thanks, but it would be nice if we could talk about something else to get my mind off it.' Then they think they are helping you out by not talking about it without being offended.

Like Keona said, it's better that people are showing concern rather than not at all! You can never have too many caring people in your life that look out for you.


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Ya people ask how I'm doing but if I go into detail they get lost and haven't a clue what I'm talking about so I just say that I'm either fine or having some issues but they're being treated and then I change the subject.