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Is eliminating sugar beneficial for Crohn's Disease

I've seen that some people on these forums have limited the amount, or completely stopped eating sugar. None of my doctors have mentioned anything about sugar to me and I've never tried taking it out of my diet.

Can you explain why it might be helpful to do that? And also, do you use artifical sweeteners at all?

Thanks - Amy


Sugar is one of the things that can cause "bad" bacteria to grow in the intestine, so many of us avoid it to prevent problems.

I, personally, use Splenda, but I also have family members who are diabetics, so my reasons are two-fold...lol.
Silvermoon is right, sugar can cause the bad bacteria to grow and worsen our problems. However some people can have small amounts and be fine. Some however have to wait to be in remission to have any at all.

Be careful if you're ingesting any sugar free products because they can contain sorbital or xylitol which can also cause problems depending on the person. It's really just a trial and error kind of thing.

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I used to use Splenda but now use Stevia, there is NO sugar, but you have to get used to it. I love splenda tho..


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Penny, I'm growing 3 stevia plants this summer, with plans to dry the leaves and ground them in the fall. So yummy!

I am a bit of a sugar monster, though, and have no plans to give it up entirely.

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That is great Kelly! I never knew you could grow it here! $10.00 a box for 100... but not all are created equal! Awesome!
Sugar makes me feel like Im on my death bed!! I can have a little in moderation...but if I go overboard....I can count on a few rough days.....terrible pain, aches, fatigue and exhaustion. Im just learning how much is too much....good luck!
Sugar is an absolute no for me as well. I use Stevia for general sweetener and honey for any of the baked goods I make. Fruit sugars can kick up a fuss, if I have to much of that as well.


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I'll let you know how they turn out, Penny. :)
I never count on herbs being perennial because I do all my gardening in containers and don't have a good place (like a garage) to overwinter them. But, I invested about $6 into the three plants for this summer, and even if my little experiment doesn't work out, I'm enjoying watching the plants grow and having fun making guests "try a leaf!" when they come to visit.
thanks guys I've never heard of this before..makes a lot of sense though... that explains why I feel so sick after all those penny sweets perhaps? xx mmmmm