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Is Entyvio Effective At Treating Crohn's Flares?

Is it effective at treating Crohn's flare-ups? I know it has been found to be effective for UC flare-ups, what about Crohn's?

From what I have read and from my own experience with it, I find its effectiveness for treating moderate to severe Crohn's questionable


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From everything I have read, observed and been told by our GI it is about 37% effective with Crohn's and most effective treating Crohn's in the colon. It takes a LONG time to become effective. There is a chance those numbers are low because many people abandon treatment before it is able to fully kick in. It took my nephew 6 months for Entyvio to start working. He had failed all other meds and next step was surgery so he was willing to wait and luckily it worked out for him.

My daughter is in her 10th week and so far has ben admitted 4 times for the same flare so it isn't touching her colonic disease but we are still hoping.
Crohnsinct, thank you for sharing. I have also read numerous times that entyvio can take a long time to work, and the patients should wait for six months before deciding it doesn’t work. I hope it will work for your daughter too.


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Yeah I saw that also. Thats the first time I saw a statistic so low. My daughter was moved up in dose to 600mg every 4 weeks as her trough levels were 11 and the theory is you need a trough of at least 20. There is a clinical trial going on now to test the effectiveness of the 600mg dosing every 4 and every 8 weeks so maybe Crohn's patients just need higher dosing?

She had her first 600mg dose on July 11th and it seems to be keeping her out of the hospital but she is still on 25mgs of prednisone and still has frequency, urgency, some liquid BM's and is still seeing some blood so definitely not in remission yet. It has been 15 weeks since starting Entyvio.

How are you doing?
I think anti-tnfs and ustekinumab are much more preferable drugs than entyvio for Crohn's disease. Adding thiopurines (imuran or 6 mp) to the biologic therapy might make a positive difference. That's what I have been doing.

kiny's writings in that thread, as well as the data from the clinical studies on Entyvio for Crohn's patients are compelling.