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Is it IBS or IBD? Calprotectin fecal test

I have had stomach issues all of my life. A mix of diarrhea and constipation and was diagnosed when I was in 10th grade with IBS. I am currently in my early 40 s and three years ago I had a routine colonoscopy done due to high family history of colon cancer and issues I was having and was diagnosed with crohns from biopsy. Within three months I had a surgery to remove my terminal ilium and cecum due to fistula and stricture. When the doctor got in there he didn’t see any inflammation but took the part out anyways. He said that because I was on prednisone that it probably took care of the inflammation. Fast forward to three years later. I have since been to three other GI doctors because it seems now that they think I have IBS instead of crohns because all of my scopes have been clean since and I still seem to have issues. Finally found a doctor who I really like who within the first month did two stool samples on me and it turns out I tested positive for lactoferrin and also my calprotectin is 230. I am scheduled for a colonoscopy in two weeks. My question is, if my scope comes back normal will they just dismiss it again as IBS? By the way my small intestine has never been really looked at. I also suffered from a portal vein clot in my liver after all of my surgeries and they say that is probably causing some of my pain. Please help! Thanks for listening


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As far as I know,and I might be wrong,your bowel wouldn't be inflamed with IBS, but your calprotectin level does point to inflammation. Although your level is not very high, in the UK 50ish is "normal". Many people on the forum have or have had levels well over a thousand.I hope you get relief very soon,and by the way there's no such thing a T.M.I. on here,most of us have been there.
My new doctor said that the level is elevated and pointed more towards but she is waiting for the results from the colonoscopy and she is also having me do crohns genetic testing. Has anyone had that done?


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A fecal calprotectin of 230 is definitely elevated - indicating that some sort of inflammation is present somewhere in the gut. It might or might not be IBD. IBS, by definition, is a noninflammatory condition, but it is possible to have both IBD and IBS at the same time.

I agree with your doc. Let's see what the colonoscopy and genetic tests say.