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Is it infection..??

I am just looking for some advice. My mum had been in and out of hospital for at least 10 years with stomach pain before being told she has Crohn's. For a full 3 weeks now she has been in alot of pain, constantly in and out of the toilet and probably had about 5 meals in total. Being sick everyday and some days can't even keep water down. She went into hospital and was told she has an infection but was kept in for 1 day. Doctor's are just telling her to take cocodamol (even though another doctor said she can't take them with Crohn's) and they won't give her appointments so the 2 times she has been seen lately is because she has went in and insisted on being seen as she can't deal with the pain. When she was last in the doctor's, she was told it could be ibs as well as Crohn's so was given buscopan, but since she took it 3 days ago, she has been doubled over in pain and just always cold and falling asleep. She doesn't want to go to hospital as the last time, they basically made her feel like she was wasting their time as they told her, next time, go to your doctor. Really worried that it is still an infection..?? She keeps coming out in rlumpy rash on her arms that only stay for 10 minutes. She also has copd. What do people do for the pain..?? Any other advice on what she should be doing..?? Would really appreciate it, she really can't deal with it much longer.
Is her crohns under control? What medications did the GI doctor give? A pain management doctor could help with her pain. Have you tried a different emergency room that won’t think she’s wasting their time?
She has really been in constant pain (apart from a few days in total) for a few months, went from a size 14 to 10 as she basically never eats. The pain is not under control. Doctor's usually just try and give her cocodomal but another time she was told never to take that with Crohn's but then another doctor told her to take that for the pain.She has just recently been given prednisolone then tramadol. That's all she has been given. No she hasn't tried going anywhere else, will say to her about that.
Ok I’m no doctor but part of the problem is those are narcotic drugs so they actually cause more inflammation which is why her pain probably keeps getting worse assuming she is taking those? The one good thing that should help is prednisolone because it decreases inflammation. However did they actually do a colonoscopy and diagnose crohns? She would need a long term medication like remicade to help fix not put a band aid. Hope this helps
She has been told Crohn's. Has been having problems for about 15 years probably and had all the tests so many times in that time but just told she had Crohn's about a year ago. She is taking the but not feeling any better.
She shouldn’t take the pain medications and she should see a Gastroenterologist who will give her medicine that works for crohns. It sounds like she has untreated crohns that’s why she’s having so much problems. Did she see her primary doctor and not just the one at the hospital?


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Has a gastroenterologist been involved in her care...if not then a referral to a good GI is the order of the day,
.diagnosis of abdominal pain can sometimes be very challeging especially where it could be more than one condition.
I have crohns but also IbS......so it can be and elusive diagnosis where abdominal pain is concerned.
Other problems are reactions to well known drugs so indesperation i tried acupuncture
and found it works so well in more than one condition.....i get gout due to the rx drug to reduce cholesterol, i arrive with a red swollen foot,lots of pain.
The acupuncture needles are placed in appropriate position...quite painless and the within thirty minutes the swelling is down and the redness greatly reduced...no more pain.
Migraines...same effect from acupuncture.
Bowel problems...pain frequency fluid stools....i had suffered for over a month ...no help from any MDs....acupuncture on the first attempt arrested all the symptoms.
which returned four daysi later...so more acupuncture...same results.
The relief is marked and has helped while waiting for colonoscopy and endoscopy next week.
Acupuncture has worked for me but i know like some drugs ...nothing works for everyone.
Im glad to have tried it and been successful with results.