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Is it normal to still have good and bad days on Entocort?

Started Entocort about 2 weeks ago. Was feeling fab for about a week until this morning. IS it normal to still have bad days after having so many good ones? I felt fantastic for about a week. Thanks all!
I've only been on prednisone not Entocot but on pred I had good and bad days. Now my bad days weren't ever as bad as pre pred but there were some better and worse depending on what I was doing, eating etc. I would say it's only an issue if it is happening frequently in which case I would say Entocort isn't working for you. A day here and there isn't too concerning to me.
Thank you! I kinda figured it was the case. Still soooo much better than before the steroids, but still crummy none the less :) Was probably lack of sleep last night, and my body is tired and doesn't wanna heal today. If I still have a bad day here and there, it will definitely be better than only having a good day here and there.
It takes a month or so for it to really start working.

If it worked great for one week, and then stopped try to keep that in mind later on down the road when you begin to taper off of it.

You will probably have a week of withdrawal each time you lower the dose.


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The first time I was on Entocort, I would average 1-2 bad days per week (which was still better than the 4-6 bad days I was having per week before Entocort). Once I came off of it and went onto a maintenance med, that was when I hit proper remission and had consistently good days the vast majority of the time. So yes, in my experience it's normal.
Thank you everyone for your answers :) Makes me feel better. I saw my family doctor yesterday and he said he could tell a huge difference in how I was doing. He said the spark is back in my eyes, I am walking faster and holding myself a lot better! Yay! Today is 2 weeks on it, and I haven't felt this good in months!