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is it prednisone withdrawal

Hi , after how many days after stopping prednisone does the withdrawal symptoms show, my son has tapered off prednisone a week back and last night he woke up with a moderate headache on one side. Is this withdrawal symptom?

my little penguin

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Did they wean him off prednisone slowly ?
How long was he on prednisone?
Some dosing
40 mg for x number of weeks
Then drop by 5mg every week
So 35 mg for 7 days
Then 30 etc till 5 mg for 7 days then off

if he was given a steriod burst which is 5 days they don’t wean

given he has been off 7 days already I wouldn’t think withdrawal
Just a bad headache/migraine

my kiddo would get lots of migraines prior to being under control
And would always get migraines with prednisone/weaning prednisone
Even with slow wean of 1-2 mg per every 2 weeks

let his pcp know
yes tapered off weekly 5 mg, he was good while on prednisone almost 7 weeks., it's been a week he was off of prednisone, since 2 days he was having light red in his eyes I thought over heat or too much screen time, I know all these medications are a lot on the human system, which is too delicate to handle and process. Thanks much for the reply.

my little penguin

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Red eyes -means he needs seen by opthamologist (medical eye doctor ) quickly
not an optometrist (think mall eye doc )

Crohns kids can get uvetis and iritis
Also epi scleritis and scleritis
Especially if he was flaring
The inflammation may have come back in his gut or spread to other parts of the body (extra intestinal manifestations) known as EIM

what maintenance meds is he on to keep the inflammation at bay?

steriods reduce it
But it does come right back of your not on maintenance meds

and the maintenance meds need time to build up as well
Some take months to do this

depends on the med

Ds has had epi scleritis a lot in the past when he wasn’t under control
Even with humira and methotrexate

he was switched to Stelara abd methotrexate in 2017
Eyes have been great since then


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Second all of the above. My daughter got headaches with steroid tapers if too quick. Once we got to 5mg’s it was hard to get off. We stayed at 5 for longer than all the other levels. Then did 3 days a week for awhile and finally was able to stop. So could be taper but maybe regular old headache. Also, if inflammation is returning could be headache from Crohn’s, dehydration and nutrition issues.

Your mention of red eye also raised my brows as my daughter also had episcleritis during flares. I would have it looked at by opthamologist.

How is he feeling otherwise? Are his usual IBD symptoms kicking up?
Thank you for your response. yes its definitely the side effect of prednisone because ,only after stopping it came up so we know its because of that. After his diagnosis in 1.5 years he didnot get his eyes red or even before diagnosis for 2 years had some kind of other symptoms but definitely nothing related to eye. Dehydration too added and his sleep cycle got disturbed by prednisone, Its completely normal eyes now.

my little penguin

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Red eyes can be numerous things and can self resolve so it would not be pred related
Please don’t assume there is nothing going on
Crohns kids are highly likely to have eye issues
If they ever get red again he needs to be seen by an ophthalmologist (medical doc with MD )
With crohns new symptoms that are extra intestinal can appear anytime in the journey abd can /do change over time

also let his Gi know