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Is it safe to take Prednisolone with Protonix (Pantaprazole)


I've been prescribed with Prednisolone 20mg currently with 40mg of Protonix Pantaprazole

Question is, is it safe? There is no drug interactions? If not, then I might change to other type of Proton Pump Inhibitors?
I don't know about prednisone and protonix, but I have taken it with both nexium and dexilant with no problem.
It seems that my diarrhea becomes worst after taking Protonix. I had it under control when I was on Prednisolone alone. The PPI is taken to safeguard my stomach from upper bleeding & GERD.
You might try sucralfate, a medication which coats your stomach and helps make sure the prednisone doesn't cause irritation. I've taken it when the prednisone causes stomach pain. I'm not sure about the diarrhea; I suffer from the opposite problem.