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Is it the prednisone that's making me weak or the Crohns?

I know no one can tell for sure. It I was on 60 mg of preds and I'm tasting down fast to 40 now cause I don't want to be on this crap.

I was doing 30mg morning and night and waking up at 3am every morning and that was my day.

Now Ive set it up 40mg just in the morning but shortly after I take it I become completely weak and need to lie down for a couple hours.

It feels like my bones just aren't able to hold me up.

I was on preds for most of 2015 but it's was a low does of 20-30 mostly and I don't remember all this.

Mind you, I'm growing monster hair everywhere but my head, I have slight moon face, and I'm breaking out like a teenager. Which is all great :)

Anyway, what do you guys think? Anyone better off taking a large dose of prednisone at night? Maybe I should switch it up.



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When I was on pred I took it all at once and I took it in the morning when I first got up with my breakfast. One of the things with prednisone is that it kept me from sleeping, and I'd be surprised if it doesn't do the same to you.

But, if you're feeling weak after taking it I'd make sure to contact your doctor about it. They'd be the best to ask. I hope you can get some answers, please keep us updated.