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Is it time for liquids?

When do you go to a liquid diet? And how do
Handle wanting real food? Some times it's not an issue. I've been having some
Pain, loss of appetite and I've been eating foods
That are easier on the tummy. But I'm wondering
When to switch to liquids for a bit. Thanks :-/
You sound like you are at the point I was a few weeks ago when my GI doc told me to go on clear liquids for 24-48 hours then gradually add bland foods back in. When that happened to me, I really didn't have an appetite so eating real food wasn't much of an issue, but you could try some Ensure or chicken broth. Good luck, i hope you start feeling better!
As mentioned if you think it is time, then switch. I often switch to liquid only diet. At one stage I did over a month on a liquid diet. I have prescribed mikshakes called Fortisip extra. This has all the right amount of good stuff in them. When I am liquid only I drink 8 of them a day. they do help, and at the same time the body absorbs all the good nutrients.

IF you have the right liquid supplements in place don't ever 'should I or shouldn't.' Just do it.

Good luck


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I think a liquid diet is so useful if things are just dashing straight through as they did with me. its nice that the body finally gets all the nutrients it requires. it does help although you can, if on it long enough, end up with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. so a probiotic is also good.
If you are honestly weighing up a liquid diet against the pain, I also agree that it's time to ask about it.

Generally, liquid diets seem to be used as an alternative to pred as a means of bringing a flare down, then maintenance meds are usually needed to maintain the remission. I found that handling the desire to eat seems to be alright if you are getting enough calories in throughout the day, and kind of 'snack' on it by taking sips when you want. The first few days may be hard, but it's easy after the routine is there.

Just make sure you go to your doc to ask about it, because they should prescribe you a proper shake with all the nutrients you need and monitor you.

I'd highly recommend it though, I had incredible response with it; similar to pred. Only difference is that it keeps your diet in check with less side effects! :)