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Is there a link???


I have been reading, "the Medical News" with interest. There seem to be so many theories as to links with Crohn's and I know the consensus is that there is no known cause. However I have just been reading an article, "Genetic Link Between Crohn's and Asthma Discovered." (have read a similar one about hayfever)

Any thoughts?????/
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hi dallies, i dont know if thats acurate or not, but none of my family have ever suffered from asthma or hayfever, i am the only one with crohn's in my imediate family, yet my cousin also has it, none of his imediate family has suffered from asthma either


I don't know anyone in my family with any kind of alergies, but yes I do believe there is a "link" ... in that, once again, allergies (of any kind) are going to be a glitch in the immune system... technically it can fall under the catagory of "autoimmune" disease.

However, allergies are most often caused by definite triggers, where as some of the other "autoimmune" diseases can flare at any time for any reason....

But that is just my theory on the whole thing...lol


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I think there may be a link as Silver has suggested and I certainly wouldn't dismiss the genetic aspect of it.

For a long time now there has been the conjecture of a genetic link between asthma, chronic sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, eczema and migraine. Therefore a parent may have asthma but the child has eczema, one child may have bronchitis and another migraine and so on. In my own extended family there is evidence of all these conditions in varying degrees.

This is the first time I have heard of it being linked to Crohn's and if the link was established it would certainly go a long way to perhaps explaining why Roo contracted her CD.

Thanks for posting this D.

Dusty. :)
Well in our family there are asthma and allergies on both sides of the family, but not so much in my husband's family. My husband's family has the Crohn's though. His mother, my husband, our daughter and our son. We also have lactose intolerance on my husband's side - he has that, but so far none of the kids. The asthma and allergies go from mild to moderate, but some of my sister's kids had very severe allergies and were on steroids for quite awhile.


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Interesting D, thanks for sharing. My wife and middle child have relatively minor seasonal allergies but the rest of us including EJ do not. No asthma anywhere on either side of our family though.


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This is interesting! I have terrible asthma. Unfortunately, I also have Crohn's Disease. My brother is the same way. There are lots of allergies in my family along with asthma; then there is the Crohn's Disease. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a link in some way. I know that not all Crohnies have asthma, and that not all asthmatics have CD. Both are inflammatory diseases. My general doctor said the lung tissue was surprisingly similar to the the digestive tract. An obstruction of the airways is similar to the an obstruction of the intestines, though it's the airflow and oxygen levels that are in play. Instead of food, it's mucus that plugs up an asthmatic.

*My brother's asthma is very minor compared to mine. He mainly needs to use the inhaler when he's sick or after strenuous exercise. I'm on three different asthma medications.
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