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Is there any possibility for Crohn's to slow down ?

I remember when I was just diagnosed the doctor trying to confront me by saying that after the age of 35 my symptoms will get softer as the immune system matures and the disease could become more gentle.
I have even read in general that pregnancy changes permanently the immune system.
Myths or do the carry a slight truth ?
I am wishing to all of you a lifelong remission 😊
San Diego
I know there is published research on populations showing that for patients whose Crohn's starts later in life, after age 50, the disease tends to be milder than for populations whose disease that came on at a young age. But whether that also applies to any given individual Crohn's patient as they age I do not know.


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New York, USA
I had my disease progress and get steadily more severe as I aged. That being said, when I was pregnant, I was actually pretty healthy aside from the fistula I had pre-pregnancy. Shortly after I had my daughter though, I did flare again. Not all people see a decrease in symptoms during pregnancy however.