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Is This a Crohns Flare?

Hi. I am new here but not new to Crohns. I was diagnosed 41 yrs ago (Wow..I can’t believe it’s been that long!) at 16yrs old. I had been on everything but biológics which was what my Dr. Was moving in to until I stumbled upon LDN. I have been in it for 10-12 years and have been pretty much in remission since. A few weeks ago I started having a lot of gas…which produced either yellowish/tanish floating blobs or clear liquid sometimes tinged pink or red,.. being worse in the morning upon waking And eventually a normal bowel movement. This has been going on everyday now with occasional soft stool. It’s been so long since I have Usually in the past I would have multiple trips to the bathroom with diarrhea. Does any of this sound like something any of you have experienced?
A couple of things that I have thought may be contributing are: At the moment I have an infected impacted wisdom tooth which I will be having surgery for (no antibiotics taken) I also had pork which I had to handle raw and also made a kale salad which I massaged and I was concerned at the time if I had washed my hands well enough. Thanks for any reply’s and/or input.