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Is this a fissure?

Hello everyone!

I have a tiny recurring sore area and I'm not sure if it's a fissure or not. It's just a small bit of broken skin (no more than about 4mm X 6mm) right at the bottom end of my bum cleft (?proper term!). It doesn't actually meet the anus at all. There's no swelling or inflammation at all, and it only hurts when I touch it (wiping or washing) and occasionally when actually passing poo. I just put Sudacrem on it when it is sore.

Do you get fissures on the outside, or are they always in the rectum/anus?

I will mention it when I see my GI soon, but in the meantime I just wondered if those of you with personal experience could advise me?



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Hi Nitty,

My kids don't have perianal disease so I can't be of much help to you as far as personal experience goes, sorry. :(

But as to a fissure...they are something that is located in the anal canal so what you have is not a fissure.

Yes, definitely talk to/show your GI. The thing you would need to rule out is a fistula.

Good luck and let keep us posted with how you get on. :hug:

Dusty. xxx


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Have you been having frequent bowel movements nitty? Its possible that it could be irritation from frequent wiping or could be a small tear due to irritation. Either way its still something to show your GI and let them examine it. When is your GI appointment?
Thanks guys,

I'm not too worried about a fistula (yet - but obviously it did cross my mind) because it does seem to get better if I take care. I'm more inclined towards the likelihood that it is just physical damage from wiping, as Jennifer said, and I will take extra care from now on. I suspect that the disease has just meant that tissue is generally more delicate down there and it gets messed about with more - I don't have diarrhoea but I definitely go more often (and looser) [TMI?!] than I did before my first flare.

I will definitely mention it to the doctor, I'm a firm believer in knocking things on the head before something worse gets a chance to take hold.