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Is this a logical routine?

so i am still pretty fresh out of surgery and trying to build solid routines for everything i see i been doing wrong my whole life....
lucky at least, i have studied some things like these alt medicines while helping other people before...to another level now of course tho....

i really didnt imagine i could even do it, but finally got a point ive cut out all my old crutches like mac n cheese or these chai latte.. i was perhaps just needing one pleasant thing in my day for a time, but i got to a point and finally realized its no more playing around.....i am still building but for my bare bones diet im now growing from looks about like...

--low sodium corned beef hash/sharp cheddar/smoothed wheat bread......thats my worst one i guess, nitrates hmm...but trying to not loose weight still as well so keeping it!
--otherwise, its millet porridge.....
--white potatoes and rice, with converted starches (heat/cool/heat)
--the best lean meats i can get, cooked as tender as possible
--pancakes and muffins....which im happy to see have endless varietys in these alt lectin free flours/grains today...which dont need sugar.
--half green banana and applesauce mainly to sweeten/moisten things......a drop of maple in my porridge or tea i still enjoy but more pure version of the tea.
--really not sure about trusting fruits and vegetables still....trying to work in things like carrots and spaghetti squash but i also must be practical as i only get to a grocery once a month or so....its a start anyway.....
--A2 dairy/grass fed butter......the best i can....i see this now online places like millers like 100$ a gallon, ok im buying a cow, but not today.
--otherwise, the harder cheeses i can get, when im wanting that dairy bad...

i was worried a bit about carb loading too much pushing my glucose lvls....at first coming out of hospital it was as much pudding and whatever crap i could find, every 2 hrs lol.....plus boost drinks between and everything.....but like i said i always knew i would have to change things in stages. heh...hopefully not too slowly...

ive only been converting the starches for, not even a week now....and i can already notice a difference....so getting to worry less about that....next appt with primary isnt till sept so bit of guess work here...

ok so then supplements....ive made these categories and came up with this pretty well just me and google....i was taking a paraprobiotic i cut out....then some immune boosters like andrographis i felt were counter productive after i ...."started to flare slightly"? ....honestly i still cant even tell what is normal or not....what will heal or not...surgery was september...anyway...

i think its incorporating a few ideas even down to brain and cellular communication i am trying to consider....

-irwin living green liquid gel multi (12 spectrum multi including omegas---1 taken 3x per day)
-Vitamin D3(125 microgram) + K2(100microgram) With Vitamin C(225mg) Tablets | Cholecalciferol + Menaquinone-7 (MK-7) (1 per day with food)
-MethlyFolate (quatrefolic,400mcg---1 per day)
-Methlycobalamin sublingual (couple drops only vs 80k% rda label rec)
-Fulvic minerals (drops in water once per day, occasionally)
-Benfotiamine (150mg, occasionally)
-Bcomplex i make at approx 300-400% rda(Thiamine HCL, Riboflavin 5 Phosphate, Inositol Hexanicotinate, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate, Biotin, and a pinch of benfotiamine) ...occasionally.
-Choline (alpha GPC, CPD choline, or bitartrate if i have nothing else)..occasionally
-Sulbutiamine (240mg, taken occasionally)

-Cermeonial Matcha (about 2 gram---1-2x per day)
-Cannabis(ingested thru the day, sometimes eaten usually smoked)....cpnsidering THCA and CBD additions.
-Long Vida (optimized curcumin 200m---2x per day, can cross blood/brain barrier)
-Curcumin 95%(500mg per day)
-Bosmed 500(boswelia standardized @ >70% boswellic acids with >10%AKBA and <5% beta-boswellic acids---once per day)
-AC-11 (patented cats claw extract 350mg 1x per day with food)
-Marshmallow Root 1:1 extract (600-650mg taken with slippery elm)
-Slippery Elm (350mg onceor 2x per day before bed or 2hrs before/after other sups)
-DGL Licorice Root (290mg 1x per day)
-Fenugreek 50% saponins (250mg 1x per day)
-Aged Garlic Extract (400mg + 50mg enzyme stack---one taken 2-3x per day)
-Ashwagandha KSM-66 and Shoden (300mg/120mg alternated as desired, once per day)
-Rhodiola (250mg 1x per day occasionally)
-Bacognize Bacopa Monnieri (260mg 1x per day)
-Monolaurin (90% @ 1200mg 2x per day with food)
-Sesame Extract Powder (70% Sesamins @ 200mg 1x per day)
-Bilberry extract (25% anthocyanins @ 120mg 2x per day)

-Rephyll (6% Beta Caryophyllene---500mg once per day)
-Quercetin (250mg once per day)
-Hesperidin (500mg once per day)
-Sabroxy (standardized oroxylin A >10%---100mg once per day)

-Chaga (1:1 extract powder 500mg, alternated weekly with 4:1 tincture)
-Lions Mane 8:1 extract (500mg once per day)
-Black Hoof 1:1 extract (500mg once per day)

***Aminos etc***
-Nalt (400mg, taken occasionaly in morning empty stomach)
-Alcar (600 mg, once per day)
-R-ALA-cyclodextrin (500mg once per day)
-Agmatine sulfate (500mg, taken occasionally)
-N-acetyl-D-glucosamine (600mg 2x per day)
-L Glutamine (700mg 2x per day)
-Taurine (700mg, taken occasionally)
-Phenylalanine (400mg, taken occasionally)
-NAC (600mg rarely)

***Pre, Pro, Post, and Paraprobiotics***
-Source Naturals Enzyme complex (500mg about 2x per day, before larger meals)
-Epicor (pre and postbiotic 500mg, once per day)
-Immuse (paraprobiotic 1x per day 50billion lactococcus lactis plasma or LC-Plasma)
-Larch Arabinogalactan (prebiotic working out dosing now)------discontinued

-Tributyrin (postbiotic 550mg delayed release softgel 1x per day with food)
-Saccharomyces Boulardii (probiotic 500mg halved as 2x per day before eating, antibiotic resistant)
-Bifidobacterium longum (probiotic 4mg 1-2x per day before larger meals)
-Benefiber (prebiotic 1 tsp 1-2x per day)
-soil and lacto cultures by product "advanced probiotic" by inner health. (1x per day)

**--Choline/Acetylcholine related--**
-Smart PS (Phosphatidylserine,100mg per day)
-DMAE(200mg per day, rarely)
-Alpha GPC (360mg rarely)
-CPD choline (250mg per day occasionally)
-Bacopa(listed above)
-ALCAR(listed above)

-calcium carbonate

pretty much my doctors wont even glance at this list......wondering things....lol....