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Is this an abscess?

Okay, for the last two days it's hurt bad in the perinium area. I thought maybe it was from "fun" with my fiance but i discovered that there is a swelling and kinda hard bump. It's right at the end where from my first daughter I was cut and sown back. its about the size of my thumb/quarter and hurts like hell.
Is this an abscess? Should I go to the ER? I have no insurance still and I don't know what to do.:( I thought whatever was wrong would have been gone but it still there and hurts... Sorry for all the details, i just have no idea whats going on.
akanderson! OMG. I never even noticed this post. I know this is necro, but I'm going to reply anyways. That absolutely sounds like an abscess! Go to the ER, or call your doc (if you have one)...

Gah. I am so sorry I missed this. It appeared as "old post" but then I noticed it only had one reply.