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Is this an IBD?

Hi! I'm a teenage girl who has been going through some bad stuff lately and just wondering if this sounds like an IBD?

Ok so 6 months into mucus-y diarrhea, nausea, gas, headaches, joint pains, spontaneous bleeding, easy bruising, mouth sores, fatigue, confusion, affected memory and dizziness.

So the story begins as I go to my GP. He ordered an X-ray, celiac test and stool test, finds nothing wrong then calls me a liar with bullima and accused me of taking laxatives. Which none of is true.

Then I see my naturopath and he diagnoses me with leaky gut. Two weeks into the diet I feel the same. Worse even. I'm just worried I left leaky gut too long to cause an IBD or something else.

What should I do? Is this an IBD or something else?
Hi I'm Confused - any Dr that calls a patient a liar needs to either be reported or at the very least you need to get out of there pronto. On your symptoms they all seem to point towards CD but they could also be a food intolerance. However your bleeding would generally rule that out. Get yourself a good CRS to check for initial signs via a Sigmoidoscopy and or a Colonoscopy and go from there. Hang in there and don't take no for an answer. Let alone being called a liar.
Thanks so much! Yes I have food intolerances but I've avoided the food- no difference. Yeah my parents don't like my doctor but he runs his own surgery. So looks like I'll change doctors. I feel exactly what your going through! I hope everything is well! Lol our usernames show the frustration!
Another key symptom to look out for is severe abdominal cramping/pains and in particular where that pain strikes. Good luck and I hope everything gets better and you find an answer and way forward. 6 months is a long time to go without being taken seriously by medical pros.
Thanks! I have been looking out for it and it is in the intestional area. My cramping isn't as severe as other things but is persistent.
It's impossible for anyone to say over the internet whether or not you could have an IBD. However it definitely sounds like it would be in your best interest to change doctors considering your old one's attitude. You shouldn't have to be accused of lying when you're just trying to get help because you're sick!
How can anybody accuse you of bulimia when you had such symptoms in which a lot of them were not even related to it, e.g. the bleeding? I am REALLY sorry you had to go through that. I think it is worse to be accused of bulimia or anorexia when you are ill this way and KNOWING for a fact you do not have an eating disorder - than my way - being accused of making your body go this way due to bulimia/anorexia. I truly am sorry that you are having such a rough time with SUCH unsupportive medical professionals.

You need to change your doctor and push for more testing, get as much as you can because there is definitely something going on. I really wish you luck.
Thanks for the support. I'm a upset too. Mum and I are getting a new doctor and if she doesn't know, ask for a gastroenterologist referral.
Yes, as long as the GP gets stuck and doesn't know what else to do with you, they'll pass you onto the GI. That, or get them to agree with you. What test has your GP requested to do? Blood tests, stool tests?
Yes, both blood and stool. She says it could be fluoxetine but I had this before I started fluoxetine. Hoping for a IBD diagnosis so I can understand this more.


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Did the doctor say which specific blood and stool tests she's doing? I would guess that for the stool tests, she may be either checking your inflammation levels (fecal calprotectin) and/or looking for things like bacteria and parasites (mainly to rule those out as the cause of your symptoms). And they can also look for blood in your stool - even if you can't see it, there can be hidden or "occult" blood in your stool and that can be tested for.

For the blood tests, they may also check your inflammation markers (CRP and ESR), and they may check things like your vitamin levels. Certain vitamin levels (B12, iron, folate, D3) tend to be low with IBD. They might also look at things like your white blood cells - if those are high, it could indicate infection or inflammation.

So long story short, the blood and stool tests won't by themselves be able to diagnose IBD, but they can tell you if you do indeed have inflammation, if your vitamin levels match what typically happens with IBD, and if you might have some sort of infection that is causing or contributing to your symptoms. It's a good starting point and will give your doctor a sense of which direction to go from here. Good luck!
Oh and I mum just told me my nans IBS is most likely really a IBD. Doctors have ruled out IBS for me. But I do have her genes (medically). Which puts me at risk of osteoporosis and/or a possible IBD.