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Is this my only option?


I haven’t been active on the forum in some time but I’ve been having some issues recently and know that the advice I received here was always really good.

I suffer a lot with pain in the anal area, and the skin around it is very compromised and had scarring and skin tags from previous tears etc. I also have haemorrhoids and when going to the toilet, something comes down and out- not sure if it’s my bowel itself or a large haemorrhoid. My GI has basically said that there isn’t anything he could do surgically as the area would unlikely heal, but I feel I need a second opinion. I’m in my 20s and it makes it difficult to fully maintain hygiene if I were to use the bathroom outside my home as it normally requires me having a shower each time (it hurts too much to constantly wipe). I also think it makes going to the toilet harder because there’s essentially something that is blocking it.

Over the past few days it has become worse as I think I’ve got a new tear and I’ve put up with this for years as I’ve always just taken his word that I shouldn’t mess with it. But it’s no way to live and does affect my self-esteem, and it’s sore- all of the time!

Any advice I would greatly appreciate and look forward to hearing from you all!