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Is this NORMAL?

So I have this weird sorta tugging feeling where the large and small were resected and reattached. It only seems apparent when I stretch a little too far or if I lift something a little too heavy. I am about 12 weeks post op, and feeling just fine otherwise. This feeling of 'discomfort' is not new, in fact it's been present since the surgery. I am just waiting for it to go away, but it doesnt seem to be. I wonder about getting pregnant and having my body stretch out every which way-if this 'tugging' feeling with increase in intensity. I'm also wondering if this is NORMAL! Has anyone else had this? WTH?


I've not had a resection, so I dont know if it's normal. But I would certainly be asking the surgeon. 12 weeks post op is still a bit early, but I wouldnt think you should be feeling that now.