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Is this what remission feels like?

Well I just wanted to let everyone know my colonoscopy today went well and came back clear of any inflammation!! Woohoo :)

Do I dare say the word 'REMISSION'??

I know most on here are doing it tough at the moment and I don't want to take away from your pain but I also wanted to give some good news for once and share it with the people who have supported me since being dx last Sept.

I also wanted to share my exciting news so hopefully it will give others hope that in time they too will be able to experience this feeling of delight and think life is worth living. This disease is nasty but I can say one thing it sure as hell makes you a stronger and more compassionate person and I am thankful for that.

This disease is fickle so who know how long my remission will last but I do know Im going to grab this opportunity to live life to the fullest and hopefully when I see my GI in two months for a review he will give me the all clear to start a family!

Thanks again everyone for all your support when I needed it you got me thru some very dark days.

Take care all. xxx
Congratulations Tan, that is great to hear! Hopefully it continues for many years, and you can start a family. =)
That's great - I'm really pleased to hear you are feeling better, I'm sure it's a very welcome relief from your previous symptoms and long may it continue. :)


:banana: YAY!

Excellent news Tanya, this is what we love to hear!!
Here's to a long, happy remission!

(think I might be too, dunno yet, still got one week on Pred to go yet, on 5mg, but feel fab)

Congrats! I don't wanna jinx myself... but I haven't had a flare up in a couple months... seems this Remicade thing is doing the trick! i even quit my imuran months ago, so i'm only on Remi....

So I'm happy to see that maybe I'll end up in your position soon - I'm curious what my colonscopy results will be like! whenever that happens.
Tanya, that's fabulous news! And yes, it's great to hear about remissions on here too because it's what we're all aiming for. Here's to a long one!


pasobuff said:
Proof positive you CAN have a family and have Crohns'!

I've had 2 successful pregnancies with Crohns (they are 18 & 15 now)
Congrats Tanya, I am so glad to hear this kind of news. I know how you feel cus I am (I believe) in remission also and I am feeling great.

Have fun working on the family addition. Good luck.
That is awesome. I also wish you many years hell why not the rest of your life of remission. I pray you get the all clear to start a family. Wishing you the best of luck.
Thanks everyone it is such a delight to share great news with all!!

Lisa your bubba is soooo cute!! Yes hopefully I will be experiencing that soon enough.. well once I get the all clear of course..

Pirate - that is great news too!!

All the best to you all I hope all goes well and you too can get to remission.