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Is tramadol OK?

Tramadol for pain?
Has anyone had any experience with this drug to reduce joint and muscle pain? My GI doc would rather I use this drug and not use over the counter pain relievers. He says over the counter can cause a flare and should be avoided. Any users of tramadol? It is also called ultram. 50mg.
I've used Tramadol for a couple of years and have had no ill-effects on my Crohn's from it. I was on Codeine prior to that which caused a blockage, so my GI switched me to Tramadol as it has less of a constipating effect.

Most over the counter pain-killers, other than Tylenol/Paracetamol, are generally non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, which can irritate the stomach and bowel and are not recommended for people with IBD.


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I've used tramadol before and have a small supply in the house incase of sudden severe pain.

There are over the counter meds that are IBD safe (Tylenol /paracetamol) . But as no guts said NSAIDs are not good for us. Tramadol is strong (it's now a controlled drug in the UK) but it is safe.

Just be careful with how much you are taking and watch out for constipation, if you do get constipation then you can take a gentle laxative to help with this ( stool softeners are the best type for us) .