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Is Tylenol PM okay with crohn's?

My son has a bad cold which is turning into an ear infection. I wanted to give him tylenol pm to help him sleep and hoping the benadryl would help with the congestion and fluid in his ears. The pharmacist said there wouldn't be a drug interaction with his 6mp and allopurinol but he wasn't sure if it was okay for crohn's. I know NSAIDS are a no no but what about Tylenol pm?

Anyone know about cold meds or cough meds?

Thanks so much!

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Whenever I get ear problems I always use Sudafed, it drains the canals and relieves pressure. I have ear problems more times than I can remember and my original Gp from like 30 years ago told me that is the best.
Thanks Pen! I was wondering if he could take sudafed. They gave me a prescription for z pack antibiotics if it doesn't get better and I would like to avoid that. Hopefully that will do the trick!

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Good idea to avoid the z pack if he doesnt need it. Strong stuff. But if he still persist, I would give him the z pack.


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There would be no issue with taking Tylenol when you have IBD. The added ingredient in the PM preparation is an anti histamine, so no issue as far as IBD is concerned either. :)

I hope things settle for your boy ASAP! :hug:

Dusty. xxx