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Isoleucine, an Essential Amino Acid, Induces the Expression of human beta-defensin-2

As others have mentioned, L-Isoleucine is available as a sports supplement. Specifically, it is one of three "branch chained amino acids" (BCAA) used by weight lifters and the such. They are the main constituents of skeletal muscle so supplementing with these proteins is thought to aid in building muscle (over the other amino acids).

Here is a link to amazon selling isoleucine:

Unclear how to translate the dose of isoleucine they used in a petri dish in the paper to how much a human has to drink.

In the past I've used a BCAA supplement (with all 3 BCAAs including isoleucine) but I had problems with it. Specifically, it tasted like plastic going down. This led to nausea and then my colon ejecting its contents but more in a constipated way ... sorry for TMI but I don't know how else to explain the situation maybe some other crohnies have had the same. I was taking the supplement on an empty stomach so that's also a confounding factor.