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It could be worse...much worse

Hi everyone. I'm writing this from the safety and comfort of my toilet, and everyone here can appreciate the humor in that.

I ave Crohns and ulcerative colitis, which is IBD but those initials often are confused with IBS, a much milder and controllable illness. I was diagnosed only four years ago but I know I've had this since my teen years.

I won't get into all the boring stuff. I entitled this It could be much worse for a reason. Here's why.

1. Crohns has allowed me to meet lots of nice people (as I fly past them to the bathroom, then apologize for being rude upon my return).
2. I now look forward to the colonoscopies because I get a day or two of relief.
3. I work in outside sales, so at least I can say I'm "working my way in to the office" when I'm late, which is almost every day. And not get fired for it.
4. I save lots of money because I can't really go out to eat. Or go to a concert. Or an amusement park, fair, carnival...
5. My husband is an absolute saint and supports me 110%.
6. It gives me a convenient excuse not to attend something I really don't want to attend, i.e., "sorry I couldn't make your Mary Kay party, my Crohns was acting up."
7. It gives me a great excuse to spend all the money I save in necessities like new underwear, a bigger purse to hold my meds and toiletries, etc.
8. My lovely rite aid pharmacist knows me by first name.
9. I do a lot less house cleaning, and it's taught my family to do more.
10. Finally, as I said, it could be worse. It's not cancer.

Amen that's my thought process to a tee!! There is always a silver lining to any situation your in. Crohns has brought me closer to GOD and my family the struggles I face make me appreciate each day a lil more. The apostle Paul was stricken with a thorn In his side (some kind of disease?) he asked JESUS to take it from him JESUS replied my grace is enough for you. There's a reason for everything and a listen to be learned if we just accept it and turn to GOD everything will work out in the end


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Hi Shellie and welcome to the community :) I'm glad you found your way here and hope you become a regular. I'm glad you're able to look on the positive side of things at times and find humor as well.

How are you feeling these days? What is your treatment regimen?