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It feels like broken glass

I had been feeling pretty good recently, until about 2 weeks ago. Now, periodically throughout the day (and sometimes night) I get a sharp pain in my lower right quadrant. It feels like there is broken glass passing through my insides. It goes away fairly quickly, usually in under a minute. But it is intense. I worry sometimes it will happen when I'm driving. Also, I've started having more loose stools.

I see my doctor next week, but I just want to see if this is something others have experienced, and if they had any short term ways to alleviate it.

I'm currently on mercaptopurine, 100mg/day.


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I too get a similar pain occasionally but not something that would knock me over or prevent me from driving. It usually means I am flaring or I just ate something a while earlier that my gut does not agree with during digestion.

I'm glad you got your doc appt set up. Hopefully you two can figure out a way to handle the pains and I hope its not the onset of a flare. Fingers crossed.