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Itchy eye lids

fuzzy butterfly

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Hi i was just wondering if anyone else has had itchy eye lids with this crohns malarky. Mine have been itchy for a couple of days. Not sure it its related to crohns or not. Just thought id ask . Thanks in advance . Mandy 💕
Mandy i wonder if you should a eye doc , do you have any allergy that could cause this? Maybe you have some dry eyes and mayby eye drops could help? I hope it settles down. Hugs my friend
I started to get itchy eyelids about 2 yrs ago which was probably about 18 months before any CD symptoms, I went to my local Chemist who said I had dry eyes!! & gave me some eye drops, it seems to worse in windy conditions at this time of year.........not sure if its related or just a coincidence but your post has made me think.
Yes Mandy, I get super dry itchy eyes every so often. I had thought it was allergies, until I got my CD diagnosis, and now I'm not so sure. Especially when it would flare up when not near any possible allergens (cats, mold, etc) would just start up while I was at home
I get eye drops called Hyabak from my local opticians nowadays & its probably the best stuff I've tried & it's even quite good at cooling & calming the eyes in the summer as I also get hay fever too.

fuzzy butterfly

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Aw thanks very much everyone 💕. I wasnt sure if it could be a side issue with crohns tho not noticed it b4 . Or if it was just something irritating or alergy ish.. il have a word with my pharmacist who is pretty good with helping me.. thanks again 💕💋:hug:


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Is it just the eye lid Mandyk? If so, is there any flaking or crusting?

My daughter gets a condition called Blepharitis. It is pretty benign. The eye surgeon we see said that for some reason people with IBD and/or psoriasis tend to get it more often.

When it starts her eye lid is just itchy but left untreated she will get flakes or crusting along the eye lash line.

He has her use a wet cotton ball with baby shampoo and wipe down toward the cheeks. When it gets bad there are drops she takes to clear it up.

my little penguin

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Ibd can cause a lot of eye issues
It is recommended to see an opthamolologist at least once a year if you have Ibd
Ds has a ton of eye issues most related to allergies but some rare stuff the optometrist did not pick up and resulted in scarring

fuzzy butterfly

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Hi thanks crohnscint. No flakez or crustiness as of yet. Will bear that in mind tho. 💕
MLP. Thanks, sorry you kiddo has eye problems , like theres not enough as it is. 💖
Teeny. Mine not watery but feel gritty sometimes. Thanks for your reply.💕
Love hugs n support to you all. 💕💋