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Itchy skin


One Badass Dude
The last day or two, I've started getting itchy all over (mostly hands and bottom of feet -- but occasionally other spots). It's getting all red and raw.

I've never had any allergies before, am not on any sort of medication other than Questran, and haven't changed my soap or laundry detergent.

I've tried stuff I have in the house like Gold Bond, Aloe Vera gel, even cocoa butter, but it itches like hell. Very annoying.

Any suggestions for relief until I see a doctor?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey calmoseptine should work, it isnt just for butts anymore. Or get the new Polysporin complete has 3 antibiotics and pain and itch relief! I never am with out it. Good luck and let us know what the result is.
Benadryl or some other antihistamine. Hope it passes! You aren't getting any pustular looking spots with it are you?


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Hydro-cortisone ointment OTC......with an oral anti-histamine like Benadryl.
Rashes are the hardest for doctors to diagnose, and the most miserable thing to have....Sorry your itchy.
Sorry about the itchies, annoying isn't it?

Yup, I'd try an antihistamine first and see what happens. Otherwise, TRY not to scratch!!!
Ive been pretty itchy lately too, thinking it might be just from the dry winter weather, and a bit of a side effect of one of my meds. But its weird, Its usually my head or my back that gets itchy, and at random times. I have good "mind over matter" so I dont scratch.


One Badass Dude
Thanks for the tips everyone. It seems to have subsided a bit overnight. I scored a benedryl from a co-worker, which helped a bit.

I've had the Crohn's-related Erythema Nodosum on the shins before -- it's not that.

Could just be the dry prairie winter (no precipitation in three weeks) combined with ongoing dehydration issues due to chronic diarrhea. I'll try to keep up with my water consumption.

As a guy, I'm not hip on all the moisturizing creams and potions you ladies use, but an oatmeal-based soap sounds interesting. I figure I might try that.

Thanks again everyone, even if this wasn't a Crohn's related issue.
Pamper yourself buddy - I'm sure there are some manly lotions out there :O) Glad it sounds like a passing thing.....


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The Eucerin that Katie mentioned is very manly...No scent. My son uses it in the winter after he gets out of the tub. And he ain't having no sissy smelling stuff put on him!
Try to get your throid function checked if its under active this can do this to ypur skin, I know from personel experiance, mine took a long time to sort out, It was more luck than any thing else, hope this helps. Peggy


One Badass Dude
I suspect it's a heretofore unidentified allergy, all really new to me.

I read 30-40 % of folks with autoimmune issues can have this problem.
Remicade makes me itchier than normal and a petri dish for
infections. i also slather myself in creams and keeps itching at bay.

"it isn't just for butts anymore" :ylol2: :ylol2: :ylol2:
Oh Penny, you slay me.
I feel a great commercial jingle coming on! hehehe