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It's Back

Hi, I'm Larry. I had a small bowel resection 34 years ago. Up until this year, I've had no major incidents, discomfort, or anything that would be debilitating.

I've noticed an increase in sensation this year (2014). Some burning. Nothing to double over with. A colonoscopy showed a thickening of the ileum; my gastro doc is concerned. Wants me to start Humira. For me, this is a scary choice. I'd rather choose another resection. I'm 60 years old; a recurrence won't occur in my lifetime. But the doctor is worried about the surgery at my age. I have no other ailments and have been in good health for decades. The drugs I take for the Crohn's is Lialda. It is apparently not working well enough anymore. I've also trying Saccaromyces Boulardii (probiotic yeast) to repopulate my gut with beneficial organisms. A website dealing with alternative methods mentioned that this yeast in combination with Lialda in some cases prevented recurrence. Worth a try. My gastro doc will laugh, no doubt.

Any thoughts out there about my choice for surgery vs. Humira? That drug really scares me.
Hi, I am a newly diagnosed Crohns, Colitis, Ulcerative Proctitis, Diabetic with a resection, waiting to begin Remicade.. On Lialda and Entocort. Pentasa did not do the trick. Also on bentyl, lomitil as needed, Canasa suppositories, hydrocortisone enemas...so I have a whole list. When you say you went all those years with no major incidents, what was normal? I have had so many problems for so many years, but undiagnosed until last fall, so I have NO concept of no problems. Praying all goes well with you..Remicade terrifies me as well! If he is worried about surgery, I would be as well.
My only experience with a resection is as an emergency surgery and me being in septic shock. I've been on Humira for a couple of years now with no issues. Given the 10 seconds of discomfort 2x a month vs. the resection and 6 month healing process I went through, I'd rather use Humira.
It can have a lot of nasty side effects, but if you're a mostly healthy person you should be ok. Since being on it I've traveled to Haiti and my GI had no concerns with it. My PCP freaked out when he heard my plans, but the GI just told me to use common sense to avoid getting anything since my immune system is sort of shot.
The only issue I've had with that is more seasonal allergies and a sinus infection once or twice a year. Not bad for someone whose wife is an RN and who knows what she brings back with her.
lisadc1, from what my doctors said, I have a mild case of Crohn's. Only in the ileum. So for those 30 years of semi-remission, all I had was occasional diarrhea with some site pain (minimal). I've been on Questran for the entire time due to digestive bile salts irritating the colon because the ileum doesn't absorb those fluids anymore. My B12 levels and folic acid levels returned to normal. I guess the ileum learned how to absorb those vitamins again.

I had a fistula 5 years ago, and I developed lactose intolerance about the same time during that flare up. I drink almond milk now just to get away from dairy. Normal weight now of 190+. GI doc says get off red meat. If I do eat it, I have irritation. So, I've become a semi-vegetarian. This seems to reduce the irritation. My daughter is a vegan, but I can't handle all the raw vegetables and uncooked grains. Had a major attack after a night out to a raw vegan restaurant.

But, as you can see, most of my complaints have been recently. In the 25 years prior, I really had no complaints at all. Virtually in remission. It's starting to wake up again.
Mallowpuff, perhaps you're right. The surgery may be more risky than the drugs. I am healthy, have no other diseases, and am not a young male anymore. Maybe I'll opt for Humira. I see the GI doc in June.
If it's not an emergency procedure and they can do it lapriscopically, it shouldn't be too hard on your system. There are lots of effective medications on the market these days compared to 25 years ago when your only option was steroids.
Thanks, I suppose I was a mess and didn't realize that it wasn't normal. Hahaha...I take folic acid daily as well as potassium recently doubled, because my body doesn't absorb nutrients well...my potassium levels would drop severely. Red meats do horrible things to my system and I eat mostly chicken. Not sure how well I could do vegan. It is great that you are well otherwise, let us know how your apt goes.
Had my checkup last week. Only thing that came out of it was a recommendation to start Remicade infusions. Doctor said the focus of gastroenterologists now is to heal the damage caused by the disease. That means using immune modifiers to help heal the sores and reduce the inflammation. Although I agreed to the Remicade, I got scared off again by reading the horror stories of cancer and infections occurring after starting the drug. And sometimes, the onset of severe side-effects was shortly after starting the drugs. No thanks. I have no symptoms, and with medical marijuana on the ballot in Florida this fall, (assuming the bill passes) I'll try that.

I was having irritation in the ileum that I thought was a flare-up. Turned out to be caused by the algae (Spirulina) I was taking as an energy supplement, and by the Saccaromyces Boulardii yeast I was taking as a probiotic. The yeast in conjunction with Lialda was reported to keep Crohn's in remission. All I got was bloating, weight gain, and burning.

I'm only on Lialda now (again). No symptoms. Alcohol was bothering me, too, but now I can drink (moderately) again.