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It's taken a while...but I'm finished

I've finally got this into some sort of shape. What started as a simple blog has grown into my Crohn's Story.

Consultants would often ask me "when were you first diagnosed with Crohn's?" or "what exactly did they do during that first operation?"

I did some research into my medical records and decided to compile my medical history. It has become a labour of love, some might say obsession, but I have finally covered the period from 1978, when I realised there was something seriously amiss, to the relatively quiet time as we enter 2014.

If you read it as someone who is newly diagnosed with Crohn's/IBD I hope it shows that it is possible to have a normal life but you need to be prepared for some "surprises" along the way. For those who may be about to undergo surgery, for the first time, I hope it demystifies the process a little and prepares you for what lays ahead.