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IV iron

Hello all,

First post here. Quick background. Diagnosed w/ Crohn's 15 years ago. Had a resection in 2007. Have had many blood transfusions.

Now, I am starting IV iron soon. Once a week for the first 4-6 weeks, then once a month thereafter until iron levels become normal.

I wanted to know of any side effects i should know of, or any other info that anyone has about IV iron injections.

I just started Iron IV as well. I havent noticed any side effects really. Prior to my first infusion my Iron was a 6, and after only one infusion its 59. The only thing I can tell you is the actual process of getting the infusion takes quite awhile.
Yeah it's a long infusion- although mine have always been on a one-off basis when I need it, so I don't know if a program like yours would need smaller doses. I haven't experienced any side effects, just a general boost in energy levels.
Thanks for the responses! I am going in on Wednesday. It';s going to feel strange to have so much energy, lol!
I had iron infusions last year - 10 infusions in two weeks. I was worried about it because it was my first time, but it was a piece of cake. The only issue was getting poked 10 different times and the bruises that left, but other than that I felt 100% better almost immediately. I never really had any side effects and I had a ton of Iron all at once, so you should be fine. I hope this helps!