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IV vs Oral Prednisone

I've been on a Pred taper for a bit now. I'm not seeing any difference. I haven't had any side effects except for insomnia (not that I'm complaining) so I'm wondering if I'm even absorbing it at all. Is IV Prednisone a better option than oral? I should mention that I also have a gut motility disorder, so that may be playing into the problem as well. I have to update my GI tomorrow anyway, so wanted y'all's opinions on oral vs. IV...


You won't always experience side-effects from it -- the last time I was on it all I got was some hair loss. You're probably absorbing it.

The advantage of the IV prednisone (solumedrol) is just higher dose I'm pretty sure. If you're tapering it wouldn't make sense to go back on an IV version unless you're getting sick again.