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I've got a rash...

Ok, it's a little wierd...
I have a rash, the sun has been shining in the north east of England, crazy right... And now I have this rash, its like bumps under my skin, like when before spots come to the surface... I've tried picking a couple of them but theres nothing in them... The rash is only on areas where I got a little sun-caught... Any ideas? Is this a side effect of the aza?
Thanks muchly!


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I dunno, could be. Never taken the drug myself. All I know is that you don't want to google image search anything with the word "rash" as you will scream inside your head if not aloud.

Could you try using an uber sun screen like spf 80+ and see if that helps at all?
Azathioprine can cause sun sensitivity. But apparantly it's going to cool off tomorrow (typical, I'm off to Skeggy next week!) so you'll see if it's that of not.
Hahaha crabby... I'm sworn off googling anything... The answer to everything appears to be something nasty, when actually I've a tummy ache cos I ate too many biscuits ;)
True to form the sun hasn't lasted, I've not been outside today, apart from the dash to the car through the rain and the rash is definately more settled than yesterday! Thanks for the advice!!
Aww rebecca you'll still enjoy skegness, part of its attraction is the sand sandwiches no?! ;)
That is exatly like what I have... Oh man :( I'm not a sun worshipper but I am very keen on my watersports... I might have to have that discussion with the consultant... I can't avoid sunlight :(
Thanks for the info :)
Good news is the rash will go away, especially if they give you prednisone. You need a good waterproof sunblock, like Bullfrog, and maybe wear a light weight shirt over your bathing suit, like those gauzy shirts.

I've been going out about 5-10 minutes at a time to see how long I can stay out without sunblock.
The rash has realy settled this week, it's been rainy and miserable outside and I've been at work.
Today I spent about half an hour outside, it was patchy cloud and really cool so I had elbow length sleeves, just my forearms on show, I hope I have attached a picture of what I now have . . . . There are loads of them, these are the itchy-est!