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Jerk of a doctor I saw today *language alert*

So I've been feeling pretty crappy for about a week, I've been really run down, sinus headaches and stuffy nose and trouble hearing and pain in my ears. Today I decided to finally go see a doctor. My PCP didn't have anything open and it was getting too late in the day to call my Hematologist to see if he could help out so I found myself at an Urgent Care place.

I explain what's going on to the doctor and he's like yeah everyone is having trouble with the weather/allergies .. it's been pretty humid and stuff. I explain that normally I don't have allergies but that I was just diagnosed with this Ig disorder and he was like oh well that's not a big deal and then proceeds to give me a 10 minute lecture on smoking! I was in great pain from my sinuses and just wanted some help and get out but of the 15 minutes he spent in the exam room he spent 10 bitching me out about smoking.

Un-fucking-believable! He didn't listen to my chest which is rattling from bronchitis as well, didn't look in my nose .. he just quickly checked my ears and that was it. Jerk.

On top of it, the MA was like "you haven't TAKEN ANYTHING OVER THE COUNTER?" and she asks me 4 TIMES .. She finally stopped when I said no because nothing OTA works and I didn't feel like diving into why it doesn't fucking work because it's not any of her goddamn business.

Both these people made me feel like I was a waste of their time and it really really pissed me off. I'm going to be writing a letter to their office explaining why I'm upset because patients, just because I was a walk-in .. I should be expect to be treated with a little bit of dignity.

Sorry just had to get it off my chest, it really upset me to be treated like that.
what assholes.
theyre all such jerks, i DONT understand why people in the medical field have to feel like they are superiour to you and that they can treat you like less of a human.
oh because they have degrees its ok for them to interrupt you? to speak to you in a condescending tone? to ask you to go through the hassle of repeating your information 593208520 times because they are too good for having to open your folder and effing LOOK at the damn list of medications that you are forced to fill out EVERY time you set foot in an office before they ask you what med youre on?!?!

it is inexcuseable for people in such a field to make you feel like you are a waste of their time.
i wrote a letter to mass general for how the people there treated me and told them that every receptionist i came into contact with "made me feel like i was an annoyance when i am your PAYING CUSTOMER. i am GIVING YOU MONEY and youre annoyed?'
yeah ok.
i didnt hear back from them.

but it was a good line, you should use something like that.
now youve got me goin drew, i get so mad over this! i hate it when they think that they are above basic human decency and respect.

especially offensive to you, who has been researching his condition for the past, what, year? 2 years? your not an idiot, and they have no right to treat you like one just cause they have a fancy certificate.


yea this happens to me all the time!! gosh even when i bring my medical folder(yes i have one and it huge lol) to show them all my past history and meds and all that good stuff they just ignore it and say theres no need for them to see it because they can get it all from previos records which they never do because they ask questions that if they wouldve lookd they would no the answer to! ugh! i feel for you its really a horrible process, hope you get feeling better soon tho!!

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Fuck them, Drew! (Sorry, I know it's not The Lounge, but I figured it's ok because of Drew's disclaimer beforehand)
Just because you're a walk-in, they have no right to treat you any differently.
When I was reading your post, I felt like I had written it. Earlier in the month, I had gone to the ER's Urgent Care (walk-in, walk-out service, I guess) because of difficulty breathing and bad chest cold (worse because I have asthma), horrible cough, not being able to get enough air intake, and a head cold on top of that. It had gone on for over a week before I finally went in (also after not being able to see my GI/PCP). Temp was 100.
After about 5 mins of meeting with the "doctor" (and I use that title ever-so-loosely), he decided that it was just a cold, my chest sounded fine, and prescribed me Robitussin w/codeine and an Albuterol inhaler - after I told him, like 5 time, that I'm ALLERGIC to ALBUTEROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I was finally able to see MY doc, he told me that my chest sounded terrible, the other doc was an idiot to prescribe me the Albuterol, I was supposed to go in and have a breathing treatment for my asthma, and he gave me an emergency inhaler and a steroid inhaler. He checked on me to make sure I got better. It lasted for 3 weeks.
Fucking people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sorry, Drew - I totally didn't mean to hijack your thread! :arghmatey_ani:
I just know how you feel. How are you today?
I hate ER nurses. I ended up in the ER the same night after I was discharged after surgery. So mind you, I had the resection surgery done 6 days before, and had finally gone home from the hospital. When I went to go to bed that night, something felt weird and I felt off. So after much deliberation I decided to go in to the ER just incase. Went in and while waiting for the ER Dr. to come in I was laying down and cold of course, so I asked for a blanket and she put one on, and then she walked in and out a few times. One of the times the blanket wasn't covering my feet it had gotten folded over and I couldn't get it fixed. So I asked the nurse if she would mind fixing it on her way by. The 'lovely' nurse very rudely responded with "I'll do it this time. You only get one free pass. Next time bend over and do it yourself!" to which I responded ... "I just had surgery on my abdomen, I can't bend over in half." The bitch actually had the nerve to say "well do it anyway and get used to it. Consider it physical therapy. You can move you just dont' want to and are being lazy" whoa.... WHAT?!?!? They even sent the hospital shrink in to talk to me thinking I was nuts or something. I don't know. I basically told him to go away. :) Turned out I was dehydrated from losing the IV at the hospital and not doing enough at home, but they were treating me like I was there for drugs or something, which I didn't get any of btw. Morons.
Yeah she pissed me off too. They were all so insensitive it was crazy. I ended up being there for HOURS. My poor dad who was waiting for me. Then they said I could go home after hooking me up to an IV running some blood work and hydrating me. But didn't actually give me the discharge papers and let me leave for another 2 hours. So irritating.

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As far as ER docs and nurses go, I know people say that they've seen and heard everything, but it doesn't mean they have the right to make us feel even crappier than we already do.