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I talked to Jessi today. She has asked me to explain to everyone why she is not spending much time on the forum lately. Her family has been going through many trials the last few months.

Her husband James had knee surgery, which has taken some time to recover. In the last few Weeks James started having blood in his urine. He has had several trips to the hospital, one overnight stay. He has a 7mm kidney stone he has not been able to pass. He is scheduled for surgery on April 19th. They are trying to get kidney function back to normal before surgery is done.

Jessi's grandmother passed away. On the day of her grandmothers funeral her father was in the hospital for a diseased gall bladder. He had full open surgery because the stones were to large for the scope. This meant he was unable to attend his own mother's funeral. Her dad also has MS. He lives with their family and is recovering.

Jessi's daughter is being examined for the possibility of having Ulcerative Colitis.

Jessi herself is having issues. She has been suffering from seizures during her Remicade infusions.The stress has not been good for her and she needs to find way to get time for herself. She has five kids at home, full time mom. Sandy and I are quite concerned about our good friends and our thoughts and prayers are with them.
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Thank you for the update.......that is a huge amount of stress to be going through.......hopefully things will start to even out and she can get back to a 'normal' life.
Thanks Doug, I have always enjoyed Jessi's posts. She is always so kind, caring and supportive. Please tell her that we are thinking about her and that we hope that she and her family soon have their health troubles behind them.


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Thanks so much for updating us Doug.

Please pass on my well wishes to Jessi and her family. :hug:

What a very difficult and heartbreaking time, I so hope that everyone's health soon improves. Sending loads of love, luck, healing thoughts and prayers your way Jessi!

Much Love, :heart:
Dusty. xxxxxxxx
Thanks for the update. I hope Jessi can catch a break soon. Sending her my prayers for things to calm down for her.


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Wow, Jessi has been through a lot lately! The poor dear, I hope things start looking up for her soon. I can't imagine being hit with all of that at once, it must be overwhelming. I can relate to having a spouse with kidney stones, my hubby suffered horribly with them last year. But to have all that other stuff piled on top of that, how horrible and exhausting it must be. Thank you Doug for the updates, and I will think happy thoughts for Jessi and hope that things turn around very soon.

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Jessi has been very sweet to me too. Please give her some hugs from me as well. It does seem that all our challenges come at once:( Hang on there girl...


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Hope you're all okay Jessi...:hug:...miss you loads but family must come first!

Thinking of you all, :heart:
Dusty. xxxxxxxx
Here is the latest update on Jessi's situation. James finally had his surgery to remove his kidney stone this morning. Both stents were left in, but the surgery went well. I will post more information when I can.
James had his surgery today and is doing well.The second stent was added today.Jessi did not know why the doctor added the second stent but does know his kidney is still trying to get back to normal. She told me that she is so tired that she did not even ask the doc why the second street was added.James is scheduled to have them taken out on May 4th.

Tomorrow her 14 year old, Peyton, is scheduled for a MRI of her ankles.They are studying her arthritis.

Please keep Jessi and her family in your prayers. They need it. Jessi needs to find time for herself and is not getting it. The stress is not good for her health.
Thinking of you and your family Jessi. Please try to get some rest and time for yourself. Sending all of my positive thoughts and energy your way.