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Job applications and self-identifying as having a disability

Has anyone applied for a job and self-identified as having a disability due to Crohn's diagnosis? Just wondering how that has impacted job searches as I see this popping up on many on-line application processes now.
I have been rejected many a times in job interviews because of my illness...as they project each job has tight deadlines and need to deliver under high pressure, they doubt our calibre whether we will be able to work in such stressful environment.. they consider it risky and reject but reasons cited may not be the on ground of physical fitness..prejudice nothing else..
I don't think Crohn's qualifies as a 'disability' but maybe I am wrong. I always thought disability is a condition that relates more to movements and activities that one can or can't do.
Yes same here, I don't think Crohn's qualifies as a disability. You can claim disability insurance (in Canada) if you cannot work due to extensive illness, but I believe Crohn's isn't considered a disability on a job application.

Lady Organic

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Red flag!
I can only image what happens to someone who answers : ''yes I am disabled''... :
No call back. Unless the job is with a special program encouraging people with disabilities to apply. (and this would be mentioned)

So lets all be aware, discrimination is common, and illegal in job candidate selection/interview and many other matters are. Another common one is for women and questions such as: Do you plan to have children or any more children? Discrimination against maternity is frequent in the work place. I know of many women who lost their jobs due to maternity, it is truly disgusting.

In Canada, doctors can give medical disability certificate in case someone would want to enroll in a special gouvernent program. We cant proclaim ourselves ''disabled''. Only a doctor can do that and preferably a specialist, such as a GI will give you more chance to apply for benefits or help from the gouvernement. Crohn's can become a disability if the disease or its complications are so severe, it leaves the person in a situation of handicap, unable to work. A disability can be temporary or permanent and only doctors can sign those certificate. For those of us who are able to work, who are in remission or who experience mild to moderate disease activity, we would not qualify as disabled.
Every individual has their own tolerance to stress or physical jobs, independantely of illenesses, sometimes, its a matter of personality or choice of living. After a while, we know what we can or cant do and it becomes our responsibility to apply for jobs we feel comfortable in. If a job would ask me if I am disabled and if I though I could have done this job in the first place, I would run away. This is a big red flag imo. Certainly not a work place that would be sensitive or supportive in case of any future flare or any sickeness.
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So in the US the application and survey (where you identify your part of different groups -veteran ,disabled etc...) are separate
The survey is for Govt numbers and not linked to the application process in a company
So in other words they don’t know who self identified

that said in the US at least crohns is not considered an automatic disability
It’s only considered a disability by the social security disability big book IF your are considered severe AND your doctor doesn’t think you are able to work .
So if your applying for a job to work then your not disabled ;)
In that case, it just depends on the job you want and the bosses there.
Precisely for this reason of bad subordination, I tried a long time ago to do my own business and not to depend on anyone at all.
At first, I found some very good ideas from themoneymix.com and I developed them in a short time so that I started to come passive and that's perfect.
Since then I haven't had the need to work somewhere because what I do brings me enough money and I don't need extra income.
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