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Job Interview

Hello all! Not sure if I have posted this in the right place.. But we shall see..

I have recently been diagnosed with Proctitis and am currently flaring and getting worse (I start pentasa suppositories tonight). I am having to go to the toilet 20+ times a day- sometimes half a dozen times in an hour and up to 5 times at night(I have bad bad gas, a lot of blood and clots,muddy looking Diarrhea and urgency to go)

I have a job interview this Saturday and am really freaking out about it. It is an hour drive to and from from my house and no public toilets nearby that I am aware of.
The job is in a high end salon as a salon coordinator so it's a fairly high paced job.
If I wasn't flaring, it wouldn't be an issue, but at present I have no idea if I would be able to make it through the interview without soiling myself.
If I was able to make it the whole way, do I tell my potential employer about my condition?
I obviously have no idea how long this flare will last, and if and when I can reach remission.

I'm really having second thoughts about even attempting to attend the interview...

Help? Any thoughts?
Thank you!!!
Your flare sounds like a bit of a shocker!
I'd actually be trotting off to the hospital for some IV steroids etc.
You poor thing.

On the job front and interview opportunity ....
There is a company that makes re-usable/washable undies that are for urinary and fecal incontinenance. I will see if I can find the link if you want?
I was going to get a few pairs for when I travel.
Probably not going to help you for Saturday though.
Good luck with your interview though.
Thanks if you could find the link it would be amazing!

I seen my surgeon that done my colonoscopy yesterday and am waiting to see a gastro.. It could take weeks. I'm not sure if the surgeon realized the severity of my flare or just didnt know what else to do. As long as I wasn't losing more than half a cup of blood in one go then it was ok?
Because I'm new to the world of IBD, I don't know what is and isn't severe so I just keep trotting along and getting worse =|

Thanks for listening again. I think I just need to vent.
Call your IBD nurses at the hospital, they should get you in to see the gastro quickly when they hear your symptoms. I think you need treatment asap xxx
I am in Australia, we don't have IBD nurses..(that I know of). Only Emergency department at the local hospital that has no gastroenterologist. All I can do is wait to be given an appointment time from the gastro at the private hospital. I don't know what else to do..
I am in Australia, we don't have IBD nurses..(that I know of). Only Emergency department at the local hospital that has no gastroenterologist. All I can do is wait to be given an appointment time from the gastro at the private hospital. I don't know what else to do..
I'm paging a few Aussies for you. They probably have some good suggestions.

Susan2, DustyKat, annawato, Bottomless mummy, anitaforde, lost kitten, ellie, upsetmom, Monika Anna, Samboi, Mel13, Joshuaaa

Here is a recent thread of some of our Aussies: http://www.crohnsforum.com/showthread.php?t=49486


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Hey missy_moo,

I don't really know what to advise regarding what to say about your UC in the interview but you do have rights under the Anti Discrimination Act of NSW in relation to illness.

Have you seen the new ad from Depend? They are marketing a new line of disposable underwear that is far more discreet. They may tide you over until you can obtain washable underwear. You would be able to pick them up at pharmacies or supermarkets...


Through my work I use a website called Independence Australia. Here is a link to their incontinence supplies, including washable products...


Here is a link to public toilets in NSW...


Regarding your ongoing care. Go to your GP, he/she will be the one that will co-ordinate your ongoing care as the the surgeon and GI should refer back the them. If you have the name of the GI you should only need to ring and make an appointment. Your GP can also ring and ask for advice on what treatment may be commenced in the interim and if need be have you slotted in as an urgent consult.

Dusty. xxx
See your GP and obtain a referral to a GI.
Call the GI and speak to the practice manager. Advise them of the severity of your symptoms. Insist on seeing the GI ASAP.
Impress upon the GI the severity of your symptoms.
You should have a reasonable expectation that you will be heading for hospital.
The longer you remain untreated - the longer it takes to get everything back under control and the longer it takes to get better.

Don't hang around waiting for them to contact you or to organise an appt.
You could be waiting a very long time and you sound pretty crook.
Hi missy moo

I'm sorry l'm not much help here but with the severity of your symptoms l'd be heading to the ER.
Thankyou for all your advice!!
It is a public holiday here, so I will call the GI office on Friday and see if I can get a move on. Failing that I will see my Dr for another referral and if that doesn't help, I can present to the John Hunter Hospital (45mins away) as they have IBD specialists there.
I will have a look at the depends too. The thought of having to wear them just makes me depressed seeming I'm 28 and always thought of them as something old people had to wear for urinary incontinence.

I think having IBD only just hit home last night when I had to use the suppositories for the first time :(
I have seen a big improvement in less than 12 hours so hopefully this is a positive sign!!

Again, thank you all. I am so new to this and have no idea. It means alot. The people in this forum seem to be the only ones that can compare with what I am actually going thru right now.
Sorry, only noticed first part of your location and assumed Newcastle in the uk ! Glad you are feeling better :) xxx
Can any of you tell me if Ulcerative Colitis can have any neurological side affects? In the last week it seems that what I think I am saying and what does come out of my mouth actually doesn't match and it's quiet frightening.
An example would be that I thought i asked my partner a while ago "Do you know if Jason and Lucie are fussy eaters?"
But what actually was said was "does Jason and Lucie eat?"
I had no idea I didn't say what I thought I did until be told me it was a stupid question.
Another example- the other night while cooking dinner I was referring to a cucumber as a capsicum (I 'know' the difference) but it took a few minutes of my partner arguing with me as to what it actually was.
Small things like this are becoming more frequent.
I have been very very 'blonde' lately and don't understand some simple things too.
I'm not sure if this has anything to do with my UC or something else entirely different??
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I would sooner think you are just majorly distracted and not focused on what you are saying, and therefore things are getting mixed up. You are dealing with A LOT right now and it can be very difficult mentally.

On second thought, with all of the diarrhea you have been having, you are probably dehydrated. My husband notices when I am before I am even aware of it because I start having very blonde moments. It can make you a bit loopy.

Drink lots of fluids and load up on potassium, magnesium and salt, i.e., eat a banana and some crisps.
hi missy moo. you should take anti diarrhoea meds on the day of the interview. im not sure what they are called in OZ but they are called Imodium here. my Gi nurse advised me to use them when I knew i'd be out and about a lot. you could try them beforehand to make sure they work. you could also get up a lot earlier and try and get it all out of the way before you head of that morning.
being a bit silly headed is side effect of dehydration and lack of nutrients. keep yourself topped up on water and carbs that are easily digested.
good luck in the interview.
I will mirror sickinlk's suggestion and tell you to LOAD up on Imodium the day of the interview. It can be dangerous to use these medications when you are undiagnosed because it may create an abscess.

In your case, if you use it sparingly, there won't be an issue. I went to a spa last week and was scared I'd have urgencies. I just loaded up on the Imodium and all was OK for the day.

UC has no associated neurological pathologies. Lack of sleep, stress, fatigue, anemia are more likely to be responsible for your current mental state. Hopefully you manage to sleep OK?
Thanks.. Dehydration is possibly the cause.. I think when my diarrhea started worsening I stopped drinking a fair bit of water to try and stop it being so bad... So I'll try water and multi vitamins definitely.
I'm pretty sure we have Imodium here- I'll look today! I've actually been quiet good since having the pentasa! But will need back ups just incase I think!

I've been sleeping ok I guess.. Before pentasa I was up on the loo maybe 3-5 times a night.. Now it's only 1 (I don't trust that it's just gurgling and wind lol)
I am fatigued alot, I'm not sure if its just due to my body in stress or the blood loss etc.
Hi, sorry this reply's a bit late.. just came across the thread!
Yes, we do have Immodium here, and also Lomotil will do the same job. It's probably best not to take them too regularly, but they should be ok for a few doses to get you through the interview.
Personally I wouldn't mention any medical problems at the interview - and a prospective employer shouldn't ask about personal issues!!
As for the "blondness", could be that your inflammatory markers (ESR, CRP, etc) are raised due to the current flare. I've occasionally been a bit "thick" when the CD is out of control.. It's like the fog lifts when they go back down! (My barometer is if I can't concentrate and unravel the Sudoku, then maybe should I be paying attention medically to what's going on!)
Good luck with the job interview - fingers crossed :)



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Sorry to come to this so late Missy moo. It sounds like all your concerns have already been answered. I just wanted to add that if you are having a bad flare and losing a lot of blood or becoming dehydrated you should go to your local emergency department for some iv fluids. Also if you are or have been losing blood you are probably anaemic so may need to take an iron supplement. Ask your GP about this.
I hope the job interview went well and that things have settled down with the UC. Keep us posted...........
Sorry I haven't got any notifications that I had replies!
The interview was terrible as it was a group interview..
But apart from that I have been on pentasa suppositories which has seen a massive improvement in my symptoms!
I am changing to pentasa granules next week so a bit nervous about that!
I am still getting gas and occasional diarrhea but only going to the toilet once a day now! Such a relief!!
Thankyou all for your answers and support, it means alot. :)

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Sorry about the interview:( But, very thankful that you're feeling better! I'm sure that there will be more interviews though. Keep your head up:) Thanks for updating us. Take care!
I'd recommend you to postpone this job interview. 20+ times and urgency is a good excuse to stay at home. I have no more than 5-6 a day but it's a huge issue for me although my job is sedentary and doesn't require a lot of movement. However, it's 1 hour away from my house and that's a torture pretty much every single time. Seriously, wait for the remission