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I'm just curious, what does everyone do for a living? Does anyone not work because their crohn's is so bad? If you do work does your crohn's affect it?

I'm still a student myself. I hope that crohn's won't force me to leave work eventually. Currently, until this past week crohn's hasnt affected my student life much at all, but now I'm worried it might affect my working life in the future.

I work as gutterman, install seamless gutters, it is a manual labor job. Luckily I work for a very understanding boss, because I have to miss work frequently due to doctor appointments. Also in the summer I have to start work very early and quit early due to the heat. My body wont allow me to exert myself in the heat without getting sick. Everyday is a battle to get up and go, but once I leave it really isn't that bad. I have a degree in electronics, but I find this job is less stressful, and easier for me. Anyway I hope this helps you.
Once upon a time I was too ill to finish my degree and moved home and laid on my couch for over a year as I was too ill to do anything else. I was pretty deflated and thought I'd never get my degree finished unless I did it part time and at home.

Then, with the help of medication I got myself back onto my feet. I worked part time to get myself into working again, went full time and then went back to university full time. I graduated a year ago and now have a full time job doing something I love.

My employers are very understanding about my crohns which does help. But no one would ever know I had it.

Moral of the story.. you can't ever predict what's going to happen in the future so live each day as it comes. Appreciate when you're well and know that when everything looks bleak, things can certainly get better :)
I work in High School Special Education with Students that are expelled out of regular high school for weapons, drugs and behavioral issues. yeah I know not the best job for someone with Crohns but it makes me go home and hug my kids tighter everyday. My employers are great with me taking days off for appt.s and everything else, we have 2 staff to a classroom so there is always someone there if i have to leave early or be out, the other teacher I work with is soooooooo understanding, so I'm a very lucky person. So it is definitely possible to have a full-time job, as long as you find a place that is accepting. Shannon
I was in 6th form doing my A-levels when I had my second flare & had to give it up due to my crohns!! However I have now thought of a business idea & will be hopefully running my own business soon enough :D which I think is a great idea because if im ever ill I am still able to work from home :) x
I am an accountant Monday - Friday 8 to 5. I am a holistic nutritionist and jewelry maker evenings and weekends. I also handle the books for my hubby's business. Looking into taking over the running of a health food store in my area. Yes, there a some times that the monster rears its ugly self but I have managed to have a full life. Crohn's changed my direction and I am glad it did.

Glad to hear so many people just carrying on regardless! There have been times I've been really worried that this will stop me living a full life, but I guess there are ways around everything! Or if there's no way round, just battle through! That's what Ive been having to do with this latest flare happening right on top of my final exams! 2 more to go!!

After a couple of yrs out of the workforce due to maternity leave and then diagnosis I am now back at work. My goals have changed loads and I am happy doing two part time jobs, both of which involve caring for other people.(how ironic) I get great satisfaction in knowing I enjoy what I do which Im sure helps with the working and crohns side of it all. Less stress.
I home tutor for an organisation called ngala. The program is based on 4 and 5 yr olds and its all to do with preparing them with basic concepts before entering school. Love it, work my own hours, can cancel should crohns be affecting me too badly and bosses understand. My other job is kitchenhand in a Nursing home. Preparing dinner and then cleaning up after those who can no longer live independantly. Love this too! My most important job of all...full time mum...Love this one the most!

Its best to be upfront about your illness with your boss, I read somewhere, could well have been information leaflets from the hospital that you should always tell your boss about your illness. I waited until I had been working in my jobs for a little while first as I didnt want it to jeopardise my chances (not that it should!)

I didnt think I would ever be able to work, but I am glad I went back and did something totally different to what I was doing beforehand. It certainly isnt easy sometimes but makes me feel like more of a regular person, I am quite stubborn too so that helped me to say sod you crohns, I am going to do this!!!
I work in a property management office. I am very lucky to have an understanding boss. I have to leave work every 6 wks for remicade and also Dr appt.
One of my local female doctors has crohns (and seems to do just fine) and a family friend has crohns as well and is a vice principal of a primary school. Personally I am in the 3rd year of a double degree for law.
I think anything is achievable with our condition, provided we take the time we need, look after ourselves and are given adequate support.
I'm a substitue teacher, so I essentially set my own hours/days. I also have an online business so that's obviously on my schedule.
Truth be told, though, my Crohn's isn't particularly debilitating. I could work a standard 9-5 if I needed to...
I work for a US-based tech company. I first started working for them when I was living in Silicon Valley, and one thing I absolutely love about tech-company culture is the ability to work from anywhere, any time. This came in somewhat handy when I was still working for my company in the US, but has proven even more useful upon moving to the UK (I think the move itself may have triggered a bit of a flare!). I've been able to take as much time as I need for all sorts of testing, treatments, etc and make up my working hours on my time, as needed.

It also helps that my manager is incredibly understanding and knows that the only way to get the best out of her employees is when they are at their best, physically and mentally.

I really think that your personal mind-set is the only limiter in what you can achieve both personally and professionally. Sure, we Crohnies have a few more challenges to deal with, but I think with a bit of determination and will we can achieve anything.
I work on S&T Publishing of journals. I have been here 8 years. Luckily they are very understanding and the benefits are top notch. I always figured it was because it is a Dutch company and they all take off work all the time, so they give us plenty of vacation and sick time.


LOL Bill ^ !!! Not as glamorous as TV?

I'm an office administrator at a law firm.

I work 8-3 generally, and get plenty of time off for drs appts and generally do whatever I want.

It's not very glamorous and is not exactly my dream job, but sleeping with the boss (who also happens to be my husband) has its benefits.

- Amy
Amy - I would LOVE to have your job! Well, with my husband being my boss, I mean, not yours! Haha ;)

I am currently unemployed--not due to being unable to work. Just haven't found the right job. I took sick leave when I was sick and found out I had Crohn's. Since then, I realized I wasn't in the right field for me, so I've been taking my time going back to school and trying to get a decent job until our finances get sorted out more. I worked for 3 months at a bank (my first job after diagnosed) and it was stressful. My disease was under control, but I left it because I was worried it might affect it if I continued to be stressed about it and it also wasn't something I was terribly interested in and therefore couldn't see myself working there for very long. On the flip side, I was open with my managers about my condition and they were very understanding. As I said before, my disease was under control, so it did not affect my ability to work.

I have an interview for a full-time admin. assistant job on Thursday morning. I am REALLY hoping I get it! It's at a Christian university in the department that works right underneath my husband's! So, it'd be nice to commute to work together. :)
I joined the army straight from school, never had any thoughts of doing anything else. Then Crohn's reared it's ugly head. Even though I have never suffered from diarhea and was able to carry out my duties without any problems I was medically discharged. Apparently being on immune suppressors are just too big a risk in a deployed environment plus they felt an army surgeon wasnt the best if I required emergency surgery whilst deployed. Didnt matter that I might never be deployed, you just have to be considered 'fit' enough for deployment.
At least they paid for all my medical expenses including 3 surgeries, pill cam and all medications.

Thought long & hard about I would like to do with the rest of my life. Am now an apprentice electrician for the government so fortunately they are pretty flexible with time off needed for appointments etc. Just a shame I now have to pay for my own medical expenses.

I am lucky in that I dont have any symptoms of Crohns apart from high CRP, low iron, B12 etc so I can manage to work full time with very little disruption due to my conditon.
I just hope I remain well enough to work and enjoy life.
Wish I could say I have a job right now but can't. Still looking for a work from home job that is legitamat because right now that is possibly the only thing I could do. Seems that 95% of the plans I make fall through due this one way or another. Never thought grocery shopping would be a spontanius implulse but now I have to due stuff when I seem to have an open window. Anybody know if Kohler or Moen is recruiting for a toilet testing position?


I am an Exec./Admin Assistant that just lost her job due to surgery that caused me to miss work for recovery. Actually, didn't find out that I don't have a job until 3 weeks ago when I pressured the company to let me know when I could return to work. And, they new when they hired me that I have Crohn's and I never missed much time until the Big One!
So, now I am looking for another job and feel like I am in a quagmire cuz I am not sure if I should tell right away or wait until things might get bad again. Currently, I have a bag but supposedly (at one point) I can have a reversal.
Not sure, if this should be a separate thread but would nevertheless love to hear from y'all and get advise.



I'm a Senior Teaching Support Assistant working with teenagers with ASD.
It's soooooooooooooooooooooo hard!
I come home and slip into a comatose position. The hardest part is getting up in the morning, I ache so much. But once I get going, it's ok.
I've been there for 14 years and coped really well with my Crohn's until last year, I was off for 6 months recovering. They've been more than accomodating, and I have reasonable adjustments put in place. But, I might have to go for a disiplinary with the Trustees to justify my absence last year. Cross that bridge when I come to it.

Lulu, take each day as it comes, no need for projecting, no one can predict the future, your Crohn's may not have a detrimental effect on your working life, and once managed, there should be no reason why you can't lead a normal life, so to speak!
Legally speaking you have no obligation whatsoever to disclose medical, familial, etc. issues to prospective employers.
If you feel it's pertinent, it's up to you. But there is no reason you have to tell them you have Crohn's.
I'm running my store Fishin Niagara and also doing guided trips as well as fishing a Walleye and Bass circuit. Chrons only stops me from eating the tasty stuff LOL now that i'm on meds I'm just like my old self again. I'm in the best shape ever but learning the foods to avoid is still tough. Life goes on just take it day by day :)
Wow :O i would love to do that! I did want to go into forensic science! Bet its so exciting!
It's pretty exciting when you get the realization that there is a match to the print you are working on!
I got 2 today!
I used to be a car mechanic, 20 years before this...been at this 11 years and at the peak of the fingerprinting world.
I use to work at a hospital and that's the time I had my close encounter. They were very understanding. I used FMLA and they told me they couldn't guarantee my position back but that I could come back doing something. It worked out great, I got my old job back then they did away with my old department.
I'm re-married and just like Amy. We own a gym and I run it. I come and go as I please and take off for appointments as needed and it's wonderful. The best part for me is now being able to take my kids to and from school, go on field trips and so forth.
But like alot of others are saying you pretty much have to take it day by day b/c we never know how our little tummies are gonna act.
...I'm sure you can figure out what I do, by my username... I'm lucky, where I've worked since being diagnosed has been OK with me missing some time, and leaving early for doctor appointments. They know that if I call in sick, I'm really sick.
I work 9-5 as a secretary, I have a few problems regarding sick leave and taking time off for hospital visits, but my boss is very understanding and the best boss ever. Generally I dont have to worry about going to the doc.
I'm really worried that when i start work Im not gonna get much time for drs appt etc... my partner is a qualified dr already and if he's oncall at any point, no matter what comes up he cannot get out of it! I was hospitalised in sept whilst he was oncall and he just had to keep popping in and checking on me throughout his shifts..... not ideal!!!
I run a home daycare and have ran it for 11 years. However, I have found that since I became sick in Jan 2011, running it has gotten harder. I do not have the energy for the children and it is really hard to get away for doctors appt, bloodwork and tests. Some of my families are really great and understanding, but some of the other ones will openly complain if I have to take time of due to my illness. I find that I am so exhausted at the end of the day that I do not have anything left for my own family. This causes my a lot of stress and guilt. I also feel guilty that I do not have as much energy for the daycare children and planning all their learning activities. I believe the children should get the best quality care and so I am thinking of closing my daycare at the end of June. It will be a sad day, but I think it will be better for my health, family and stress level.
Police Officer working the night shift. Have been for the last 15 years...
That would be difficult, is that why you are on permanent nights, when I had my first fistula in 05 it took me out of action for damn near 7 months, got to do admin work from home and office.
In January I retired due to a rotator cuff injury that wasn't going away on the premise I had a year to reinstate, now with this diagnosis and the problems it's causing I'm not going to go back. 21 years in the reserves is enough.
Still keeping my latent examiner job, keeps me busy and satisfied I'm bagging bad folks.
I'm a jeweler! It's the perfect job for me as I can choose my own hours and laze about in my pjs making quirky jewellery. Crohns has definately impacted on the darkness and quirkiness of my jewellery. My business is starting to do relatively well but I am just setback at the mo as I have to have a proctocolectomy and ileostomy In 10 days!

Check out my website if your keen :) www.charlotteburkhart.com
You're jewellery is awesome! Do you just sell in NZ? I know a lot of people in the UK who would love to wear that kind've jewellery. Maybe go on the apprentice :D
I was off work for a year, feeling incredibly ill, and it felt like a huge step going out and finding work and getting back into a routine. I spent the first few moths with an Ileostomy, which was incredibly uncomfortable and inconvenient, considering I had to wear a shirt and trousers and stand behind a bar the majority of the time.

Things have got much better, though. I work full time (often really long days) and my body seems to have adjusted just fine. I still get the urge to go to the toilet much more often than "regular" folk, but my bosses are very understanding. Like the above people in this thread have said, that certainly helps.

My advice would be just to be honest about your condition when coming for job interviews.
You're jewellery is awesome! Do you just sell in NZ? I know a lot of people in the UK who would love to wear that kind've jewellery. Maybe go on the apprentice :D
Hehe thanks! I sell on etsy worldwide, but I closed my store today for a couple of months due to surgery (may be less time who knows :) )
it's www.charlotteburkhart.etsy.com
I haven't sold to the uk yet but I have sold lots to the usa Canada and France.



I work as an operator at a power station (think homer simpson but with gas rather than nuclear).
Work 12 hour shifts (days and nights) pretty much 5 on 5 off. Great having time off but 12hr shifts can be very tiring, and working nights buggers up feeding/sleeping patterns quite a bit.


SIDENOTE: :ybiggrin:

Due to a lead into a company I might have a chance at a new job. Was invited for a 15 min phone screening for tomorrow or Tuesday. Calling on all the gods of all religions and my fellow sufferers... please, please, keep some appendages crossed for me so I don't have to feel so utterly useless anymore.


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I'm just curious, what does everyone do for a living? Does anyone not work because their crohn's is so bad? If you do work does your crohn's affect it?

I'm still a student myself. I hope that crohn's won't force me to leave work eventually. Currently, until this past week crohn's hasnt affected my student life much at all, but now I'm worried it might affect my working life in the future.

This thread is very helpful. I was just diagnosed with Crohn's Disease after having symptoms for 4/5 years and now I am entering my fifth year of college as an education major. Hopefully education and Crohn's can work together. :) :ytongue:
I used to serve tables at Olive Garden, then quit b/c after having my last daughter I was getting sick a lot. Didn't know what was coming.
Then I worked as a cupcake decorator. Which I absolutely loved. Then I had a horrible flare and then I had to quit b/c I couldn't do it between ER visits, dr appts and pain.

Now, I'm a recent college grad with no job besides raising my two little girls who are preschool aged.
Ultrasound tech

I'm the full-time tech at my job. And it worries me that one day i won't be able to come in because i really don't have back up. I want to work at a hospital that way it doesn't totally effect the workers or company. All i can do is hope that it doesn't come to that.
I teach fifth grade and so far everything is okay, except I catch every bug the students bring in. I've only had Crohn's for a year and a half, so I'm not sure what the future will bring. Fatigue is my biggest problem, but I bring a lot of it on myself by being department chair and serving on lots of committees and such.