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Johnny, new reader, crohn's since 2013

My whole ordeal started with a quick trip to tacobell before going to see Pacific Rim with some friends, seemed like a normal night everything was going fine. I didn't feel too good when I arrived at work, but I was basically working as a paid intern at the time, so I couldn't really call in sick. I work for the USPS and deliver mail, so around 10am I realize I am sick and begin to throw up while on the middle of my route, I finish my section and call in, my boss at the time tells me another station needs some help and I am to drive there to assist, I beg him to let me come back as I am trying not puke/dry heave on the phone. I get to the other station and the supervisor which I would come to learn later had experience with stomach issues in the past, notices I look like a ghost, she sends me back and I get in the car and go home. I bought some lighter stuff to try and keep down with a normal sickness, and sure enough I would throw it all up within short period of time.
I call my mom who takes me to the hospital, after getting me an IV and running some tests they figure out that my small intestine is blocked to the point where food is hitting my stomach like a trampoline and then heading right back on a return journey, hence the throwing up over and over again.
Surgery is required, but before that, and this is still the worst experience I have ever gone through with crohn's. I had to swallow a tube through my nose and watch as it pumped my small intestine of the clog, it took me 2 hours to get the tube all the way down with tears and snot pouring out of me. I wore the tube for 36 hours as it went to work. finally I could go under and have the section of ruined intestine cut out and get the other parts reattached to each other.
I spent the next 6 days waiting to have a bowel movement so that I could leave the hospital, my friends had planned a vacation around this time, so I was basically alone, but I became the nurse's favorite patient, got to play lots of card games with them.
started doing walking rehab so that I could get back to work shape, ended up missing 6 weeks of work, during the first week or so I talked to the doctors and they determined that I had crohn's and they were sorry they didn't diagnose me the first two times I was in the hospital with pain.

fast forward to now, I do remicade every 7-8 weeks and that is going well, I will post in there too, I never thought of finding a place like this till now. I don't know why.

thanks for reading, hopefully it wasn't terrible.


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Hi and welcome.

I'm glad you finally have a DX.
Those NG tubes SUCK! (Literally and figuratively)

I'm doing well on Remicade.
Sending you my support.