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Joinin the club :-)

Just waiting to have the first infusion. Came into hospital for a pre-op assessment, surgeon and GI conferred and advised me to try the Infliximab.
Am I worried? Well, maybe a little bit concerned. But I'm more concerned that after 5 months on Pred and nearly 3 on Azathioprine, I still have severe inflammation. I'm more worried about what that could do than the Remi at the mo.
Hope you're all getting on OK. :)


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No words of wisdom to offer Helen! :lol:...but wishin', hopin' and prayin' that this does the trick for you hun.....

Fingers and everything else crossed!...:goodluck:

Loads a love, :heart:
Dusty. xxxxxxx
I have had relatively few side effects from the Remicade so far, I hope it goes the same for you! Ask about pre-meds; I get benadryl and tylenol before hand to avoid a potential reaction. Good luck!
Thanks folks :soledance: So far so good - a touch of nausea, but nothing drastic, and a bit tired but I think that's from the Pred taper. I am SOO hoping I can get off it totally this time.
They gave me a dose of steroid through the IV before they started the infusion and told me to tell them if I felt any 'strange' itches but it was fine. Most relaxing couple of hours I've had in ages, actually! x
Most relaxing couple of hours I've had in ages, actually! x
LOL! I love going to the infusion lab for my Remicade, I know it's weird, but it's so quiet and I get me time! The benadryl makes me sleepy so usually I take a nice nap and feel pretty relaxed by the time I get home. Plus, it's 2-4 hours that no one expects me to do anything but sit! :lol2:
Hope it helps. I'm still waiting for my appointment. :( It's been 2 weeks since they did the baseline tests. How long does it take anyway?? *sigh*
Aww, hope you don't have to wait too long, Smiley. It's cos I was in hospital anyway I got it quick. They wanted to get my first infusion done as I'm on a Scottish island and have to fly over to the mainland for the infusions.