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Joint/Hip pain as a result of UC

Hey guys,

So I am planning on going to the ER tomorrow because I have been very very bad about seeing a doctor when I have symptoms. I am currently in college getting ready to graduate and the last thing a 21 year old wants to worry about is her colon health!

The symptoms I have stupidly left untreated is a lot of diarrhea and a LOT of blood, bright red. I am always stupid and put seeking help off until worse comes to worse [ended up in the ER for my 21st because I thought I could fight through it and go to Vegas but that got cancelled!!]

SO NOW I have major joint pain especially in the hip. I feel like an old lady! This is the worst. Honestly, I hate having to stay inside instead of enjoying life and going out with my friends because I simply can't walk let walk up and down a street of bars.

Finally, I am going to the ER tomorrow to see what the hell is going on with my freaking body. Has anyone experienced joint pain or hip pain. I feel like I am going to be diagnosed with arthritis! My back also hurts significantly and I pretty much can't walk straight at all. This actually all happened suddenly today. Yesterday I was able to walk fine.

If you had the same thing happen, please share! Did anyone get arthritis or hip pains as a result of UC? OR A HIP REPLACEMENT?!

So now I stay inside, teach myself SQL and study for finals! Drinking green tea and listening to music.

Meow >^^<