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Joint Inflammation

Hi all,

Well I went to my GP yesterday regarding all my joint pain as Im pretty much over it all. She didn't really have a lot to offer me in advice or help! So frustrating. She gave me a script for pain killers which I don't really want to take and also some script for a pain patch?? Has anyone used these before, are they better for you then the pain killers? She was going to call my GI to discuss my joint inflammation to find out if 6MP once it kicks in will help my joints or if I need to see an RA specialist. Im not sure on this last one as I was only diagnosed in Sept and this is my first major flare could I already have arthritis in my joints??

It wasn't worrying me before as it was just a dull ache but over the last week it really has stepped up and become really noticable and a lot of pain all the time. I have swollening/pain in my knees and ankles and only pain in my wrists, shoulder & elbows. I finished my taper of pred last wed so not sure if this had been helping reduce the pain?

Any information, advice or experiences you guys have would be greatly appreciated as Im lost to what direction to take with my joint pain.
The 6mp should/might help with your joints, Aza certainly did with mine. However you may still get pain. I've got a buprenorphine 5mcg/h patch which is just enough to take the edge off the pain without slowing my guts down too badly - it's a very fine line with me.

If you get a good RA specialist they might suggest methotrexate instead of 6mp, or add in another DMARD like hydroxychloroquine to protect your joints.

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Whenever I tapered to a low mg of Pred, my arthritis got worse. Sometimes it is a genetic factor of Arthritis and Crohns itself is an automimmune disease and could be no rhyme or reason... I had it in my hands awhile ago and now it is gone. Maybe you should see an RA.