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'Joint' pain - what to do?

So, it seems that the pains I am having have not been caused by Humira 'withdrawal' as it has continued even after my last jab.

Rather than being joint pain as such, it is more like the connective tissues, mainly tendons, with a little skin discolouration like mild bruising at the affected sites (had clotting checked yesterday, just in case). It is not really much of a problem through the day (just mild aching) but in the evening and by bedtime it is really quite bad, pretty painful and debilitating. I'm still uncomfortable in the morning, but it eases off gradually until evening again.

I have some other symptoms which are making me wonder whether this is Sjogrens symdrome (occasional dry mouth, achey jaw, post-nasal drip).

I need to sort out seeing a specialist, but in the meantime I wanted to ask you guys whether stopping the Humira will stop the pain or am I stuck with it?
Also, if it is the Humira causing it, am I likely to have the same issues if I swapped to a different biologic or should I investigate other drugs/drug combinations?
I am sorry for what you are going through. I would think if it were the Humira causing it that it would eventually stop. In that case, I would ask your doctor about putting you on a different biologic. Let us know what the specialist says and how you are doing.

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Tendon pain is still part of Spondyloarthritis (SpA)
I forget the technical term for it starts with an E
Enthesitis I think
Even if it continues after the humira shot doesn't mean humira isn't helping
Most with SpA need Mtx added as well as physical /occupational therapy

Can you see a rheumotologist??

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Yes, it's enthesitis. It's pain where the tendons and ligaments insert into the bone. It's very common in SpA. Heel pain is probably the most common spot for enthesitis. The morning pain that gets better as the day goes on is pretty typical for inflammatory arthritis.

Are you on Humira every two weeks? Sometimes switching to Humira every week helps. Adding something like MTX or Sulfasalazine might help. PT, swimming and ice and heat should help.

You could also ask about something like Voltaren gel - less is absorbed so it's not as bad for the gut, but it could help a lot. Depending on how bad your Crohn's is, your GI might be ok with you taking an NSAID like Celebrex.

Seeing a rheumatologist is a good idea. Good luck!
Thanks everyone.

My last gut flare was only the last 15cm of colon, and I have never had small bowel disease so I have chanced to occasional ibuprofen as I don't think it will be too much of a problem for me, and I would definitely try the gels if the docs OK it.

Things weren't nearly so bad last night, and it might just be the random nature of this, or it might be that I was out and about, active and distracted that helped, rather than sitting at home waiting for things to get worse!