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Joint pain worse than the actual crohns?

I just had my first dose of Humira on the 3rd, three days later, every joint in my body had swelling and aches so badly. This lasted two days . Previously I had a lot of joint pain but it eased if I kept moving , I am a postal worker and this was my main problem the pain in my joints . I have dealt with the stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea for years before I was diagnosed. When o went to the hospital with an obstruction and sepsis last year , that was the first time ever I had an explanation for what was going on with me. I have gained so much weight to the point I’m like “how in the heck do I have crohns!” I have changed my diet and everything but nothing has helped with the pain and weight issue . Does anyone else have similar issues , any pointers?
My joint pain started with Humira then I developed antibodies and was changed to Cimzia. Joint pain INCREASED- I only has Cimzia a very brief time and then to Remicade- a lot less joint pain with Remicade. I am starting Entyvio soon and hope the joint pain does not increase again. I've always been giant so no wight gain but certainly no weight loss!
I have had the joint pain but this time it was worse and lasted so much longer , they told me to give it some time but call if I have any more flares 🙄 I am so frustrated