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Joint pain?



joint pain?

okay, i have another question....this one about joint pain. i have started having pain/stiffness in my hands and knees. i'm sure the hands are partly because of all the computer work i do, but it seems to be getting worse. i've thought of trying to start glucosamine/chondroitin pills, but was wondering if anyone knows of any other treatments for joint pain? i go to my doc in a couple days, but just thought i'd see who else has this problem and what really helps.


I get alot of joint pains in my wrists and fingers, ive been to the docs and i have had lots of tests for artheritis etc.... and all was clear he gives me co-codiene for the pain. ive notice alot of people with crohn's have joint pains hope you doc sorts out the pain for you (((hugs)))


Yups I think crohns and joint pain work pretty much side by side. I dont' have joint pain but they creak like hell but I know lots of peeps who do have it. All the best with gettin it sorted out Andi.


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Andilynn09... Are you taking steriods? Unfortunately, one common longterm side effect of steriods is arthritis... The typical treatment (non prescription) is any of the NSAIDS (non steriodal anti infalmatory drugs). Talk to your Dr. about this, but don't be surprised if he/she merely tells you to take some ASA
and call them in the morning. I shouldn't joke about it. See your doctor, get it checked out... It's possible that it could be a form of rheumatoid arthritis. (although unlikely).. The Dr. will make the correct diagnosis, and provide you with a 'good/better/best' choice of options in treating this, with respect to you in particular. As for me, I tolerate ASA very well, so that is what I take.


You may find that heat/ice may provide some short term relief, but I think Kev has told you some of the better longer term relief options (including the others :)).
When you are on the computer start to stretch your wrists out every 20 minutes. It will get blood there so you will get less pain. I get joint pain every so often and if it is just one of those days, I know I have to go and stretch. You should try to move your body a lot and just keep the blood flowing to everywhere.

Good luck


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One of the common ailments amongst people who spend a lot of time keying away at a puter is carpal tunnel syndrome (a repetitive strain injury that may require surgery). It can be corrected for using good keyboarding posture and ergonomically designed workstations/desks, AND simple excercises that help to eliminate those symptoms. I've been a puter geek for over 20 years, and these methods have kept me out of danger from it. I have read that a known
associated illness of IBD in its various forms is arthritis, but whether that's due
to the illness itself or is a side effect of the various forms of steriods we take for IBD escapes my research so far. Wonder if any medical teams are looking at whether it's the former or the latter, or if they've more pressing things to do? Maybe something we could informally poll people on here about. Whether they've developed arthritis post IBD, and if yes, were they taking steriods....


I have joint pain in my hands as well. For me it usually coincides with a flare.



I had awful knee pain when I was first diagnosed and at one of my worst points with crohns. It was so bad, I would stay downstairs in my house until it was bed time because I didn't want to go up and down. When my crohn's got better, the pain went away.

I didn't even know they were related until after the fact either.


As for the use of ASA, I would have a talk with your GI specialist. Both of mine strongly advise anyone with CD NOT to use ASA or Ibuprofin. I am told that acetaminohen is the only one of the 3 to use. Much easier on the guts and easier to matabalise in the liver.
Also, was told that acetaminohen is safe if you do not take more that the daily recommended dose (contrary to what many people have claimed)
Anyways, check it out with your GI docs and let me know what they say.


One of the first signs when my CD is acting up is pain in my finger joints and in my lower back.
Most CD people I have talked too all report some sort of joint pain.



flying4frogs said:
As for the use of ASA, I would have a talk with your GI specialist. Both of mine strongly advise anyone with CD NOT to use ASA or Ibuprofin.

I know tht Ibuprofin (and many other NSAIDS or Non-Steroid Anti-Inflmmatory Drugs) are not recommended for people with IBD, but overall 5 ASA (5-Aminosalicylates, which is also a component of popular IBD drug Sulfasalazine) are used by many and are well treated. Especially 5-ASA, as it does not contain the same properties as Sulfasalazine, especially the ones that cause side effects. I currently am on Penasa (a 5-ASA family drug) and have experienced no problems in any way whatsoever.


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Yeah, seems one of those 'catch 22' or anomalies of this disease. So far none of my docs have told me to avoid or limit my use of of any OTC ASA (non prescribed) AND ALL have placed me on various doses of Salofalk (another of the 5 ASA family). As for Acetominaphen, although it is commonly given, it acts more as a pain blocker, not an anti-inflamatory. The side effects of it's use are less than ASA, but since I have had kidney issues before, I personally opt for ASA. And, of course, if using Aceta..w codiene, it can play havoc by causing constipation (sometimes a more significant issue than diarhea, as it might cause a blockage or hide the fact that you have one). Like everything else, talk with your doctor, go with what works for you


Its funny kev says the steriod treatment causes the joint pain.

If you have RA, Rheumatoid Arthritis...Then they actually treat this with prednisone sometimes, weird what causes something can clear it up also.

Try using a heating pad, temperature chagnes def have effect on it, I only have troubel when its raining or after its raining.
Things to help with joint pain on Cron's... I suffer from the same condition..

TR= Time Released, E=Esterfied, Other wise assume all things here will dissolve at the normal rate for the type of pill they are.. Also I may list a product code here as a GNC 6 digit number.. I'm not trying to pimp GNC... Its just I work there so I get my stuff cheap from them... Also I list the GNC number because their are a lot of people that work at GNC that don't know what you are talking about it you ask them for some of these products,,, If you have the 6 digit number then they can releaize it is a porduct that they carry it ill just be a pain finding it sometimes... Most people that work at GNC don't get past 3 months so don't expect to find someone that will be able to help you to find things... Sometimes you might get lucky though but DO NOT get your hopes up...

Things I take for joint pain... Full listing and dosages will be posted at the bottom.. Also I will explain why I take certain things that are time released and others that are not...

I take Glucsamine 500/Chindrotin 400 (TR). It comes in a TR tablet. It also comes in a non TR tablet.. No studies have found there is a difference between the hydrochloride or the sulfate verison of Glucosmine and Chondrotin. Granted that was about 2 years ago I checked.. So I may be wrong

The main thing with the Glucosamine/Chondrotin is that is mainly used to help lubrcate your joints... So if your younger it may not do anything for you...

Methylsulfonyl-Methane (MSM) helps a lot with cartiliege damage and repair.. It may also help with tendon and ligiment repair... This is the main supplement I would recomend to people who are having join problems due to high dosage corticosteriod treatment... It helps ot repair cartiledge damage... The steriods ,at least with me, don't seem to effecting the lubrication of the joints. I just get some inflmation and cartiledge damage I believe...

Omega 3,6,9 Fatty Acids... The omega 3 fatty acids (found from fish) seem to do the best as far as lubracting the joints... You can find EPA and DHA the main omega 3 fatty acids from any fish oil supplement... Beware though you may belch back up fishy after taste if you use fish oil pills.. I use a product called DHA 250 (126321 GNC 6 digit code).. It is fish fatty acids without the fish... They take the fatty acids from the fish oil and leave out the fish part so all you are getting is the fatty acids and not the fish with the fatty acids... You can also by complexes of the various fatty acids... Basicly what they do with those is they slap fish oil, flax seed, + other oils to give you your full spectrum of omega 3,6,9 fatty acids... Remember there is no single natural source as far I know that contains all the various omega 3,6,9 fatty acids... Also their are different kinds of omega 3,6,9 fatty acids and they come from different sources..

Another thing you may want to try is new and everyone tht has tried it has loved it...

Hands Free Pain Cream... Made by GNC... It its white willow bark (natural acyelic acid) and methane... Something to try if your hands are hurting you a lot... Otherwise I wouldn't bother with it...

Omega 3 - Fish or Isolated Fish fat (You get EPA (eicosapentaenoic
acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid from these)
- Flax Seed Oil (ALA alpha-linolenic acid)

Omega 6 - Flax seed oil is the main source
(LA) Linoleic acid (GLA) Gamma-linolenic acid

Omega 9 -Flax Seed Oil (OA?) Oleic acid

Tylenol (acetomenphin) or something that has that in it would be the only pill I would take internally for joint pain... Remember many pain pills have tylenol in them... Such as my Darvocet... WACTH OUT on what pain meds you take though... Too much tylenol can hurt the liver.. The ones that are higher in narcotics will cause instestinal slowing and blockage too which if you have active bowel inflammation would be a bad bad thing...

NSAID - Non steriodial Anti-Inflammitory Drugs - take these for more than 2 weeks (basicly anything excpet tylenol) and it may trigger a chron's attack or cause other digestive problems...

Remicade my also help with the join problems if you deveolped Rhemiture athritis...

Okay enough rambling this is what I take for my joints only...

Glucosamin 500/Chondroitin 400 (TR Tablet) - I take two of these in the morning with breakfast..
Hydrocloride Sulfate

DHA 250 (Small oval soft gel) - I take one of these with each big meal so I take about 3 a day
(Fish oil without the fish)
(DHA 250 mg and EPA 100mg)

MSM 1000 (large white capsule) - I take one of these with each meal sometimes 2. I try to take in 4000 mg of this a day.
1000mg Per Pill

Okays I'm tired of typing now I hope this helps some...
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