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Joint Pain

I was diagnosed with Crohn's when I was 17, 31 years ago. I have been on almost all the medications out there and how on Humira weekly for the past 2 years. It seems to keep thinks intact and stable for the most part but I am now having joint pain in my fingers with swelling in one finger. No one know what is causing it. Some feel it is related to Crohn's and others feel it could be occupational related. Nothing makes it better other than an cortisone injection which has limited effect and then swells again. Now other fingers are starting to act up and last year had episcleritis of my right eye. All this developed while on Humira which is to shut down the process, but seems to have gone little haywire.

Has anyone out there experienced anything similar and if so did it improve with any type of treatment or other drug. I now use CBD as well but hard to tell if it is working for me. I know of many others that is works very well for them.

I also take tumeric, glucosamine and MSM but again really hard to tell if it is doing anything.

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Have you seen a rheumatologist?
Ds developed spondyloarthritis associated woth ibd
Has many different names but arthritis that happens in crohns patients
Some during only Gi flares others the arthritis can flare even when the Gi is calm

Ds arthritis flares all on its own
They added mtx to the humira since that helps peripheral joints (such as the fingers )
Later added Celebrex (nsaid but easier on the gut - no Gi issues on it so far even had a scope - all clear )
Humira had to be upped to every 5 days at one point

Ds is now on stelara after humira stopped working
But had been on remicade until he had an allergic reaction

Rheumatologist is your best bet

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Definitely see a rheumatologist. Here is a good explanation of the types of arthritis associated with Crohn's:

I would try to see a rheumatologist who has some experience with spondyloarthritis - which can affect any joint. Both my daughters and my husband have it. My younger daughter also has Crohn's.

If joints other than the spine are involved (like fingers, knees, ankles etc.) then Methotrexate may be a good option. Increasing the frequency of Humira may also help.
Thank you all for responding to my query. I actually did see a Rheumatologist and did try methotrexate for 3 months going from .4cc to .5cc weekly with no improvement. Neither GI or Rheum agree on what is causing the finger swelling. Thought about switching biologics but if the gut is feeling good my GI doc does not want to in fear of a new medication not working and no guarantee it will reduce the extra-intestinal manifestations. All other blood work for Rheum is negative as well as other markers for inflammation.