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Jpouch surgery

I was wondering if anyone has a child who has had jpouch surgery after a subtotal colectomy? My child has had a stoma for 6 years and is doing well, we are thinking of doing the jpouch now that she is getting older but I cannot seem to find any information of children who have been through the same experience. I would really appreciate any information.

my little penguin

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J pouch only works if they are 100% sure it’s not crohns and just ulcerative colitis
J pouch doesn’t work for crohns patients

how old is your child ?
Done growing ?


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Yeah, I am sure you have read all the pros and cons of that surgery. My daughter has Crohn's and was facing a colectomy but a pouch was definitely not in her future given her Crohn's. You might have more luck asking in the adult section as I think there are more ostomates there. Also there are a bunch of stony support forums on line.
I have read about adult experiences but I was hoping to hear how it is for children. My child is 9 years old and the dr’s are recommending this be the best time but from everything I read it doesn’t seem like a great option at all.