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Juice Plus

Hi all

Just curious whether anyone has tried this? On the face of it it does seem an attractive solution to not being able to eat fruit/veg and get the nutrients naturally, without the hassle of juicing yourself.

Problem is I despise MLM's with a passion and I know the markups on these things are ridiculous, and they often make completely outrageous claims when it comes to health benefits.

Has anyone had any success and not spent a fortune doing this?

Thanks in advance!


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Don't know what MLMs are Soph.My solution to boost nutrients Is Bioglan powder from Holland and Barret.I use the chocolate (cacoa) flavour and berry.You can get veggie ones also.The nutrient levels are VERY high.It's about £20 a sachet and you get 10 servings.It's also very tasty.I have mine in a smoothie with banana,oats and nuts and lo fat milk, but it's fine on it's own.I don't eat veggies or salads,and only 3-4 fruits a day.I've used bio glan for over a year and apart from Crohn's I feel remarkably fit (mostly)
Ahh thank you, I'll look into that! MLM is multi level marketing, basically a just about legal pyramid scheme. I don't know much about Juice Plus, but I know they are MLM along with Forever Living aloe vera, Younique make up etc.
I think so too. Any company that makes such sweeping statements about the benefits of their products make me prick up my ears. Especially if the majority of their effort is spent on publicity as you pointed out.

I'm based in the U.K. too and there are some IBD forums on Facebook where people have discussed their experiences of Juiceplus and others. Most not complimentary I have to say, but this is an individual disease so may well help others. Like yourself I'd like much more transparent information from the companies involved

Ah I am indeed in the UK! Thanks, that's perfect. I'll see if I can find the watchdog one on YouTube or something.

I'm thinking my suspicions are going to be confirmed... [emoji19]
Yep, that's the problem with these things! The reps can say pretty much anything and they will because they're desperate for a sale. I had to block a friend who started selling forever living after (politely) telling her to shove it wasn't getting through.

I'm also reading a fantastic blog by a lady who got sucked into Younique, and it's VERY illuminating with regards to the lengths they will go to and the lies they tell.

I guess I was just looking for an easy answer, I'll go back to looking for a cheap juicer and good old DIY it! I'll get some of that stuff from H&B when I find one scottsma, they are fab in there and actually paid regardless lol. If it's any help to you I've just seen hemp protein in Aldi for £2.50, I know a lot of people use that.

Thanks again!
I've seen some very questionable things on Facebook I have to say, particularly from juice plus and forever living. Problem is the company can blame it on the individual rep and wash their hands of it.

I've seen multiple people banned from a group for saying forever living products cures grass sickness in horses which is usually fatal. It got so relentless that a study was done and they actually had to stop because it was considered inhumane to keep tubing the quantity required into the horses as they were so distressed, and I think the one that did get the recommended amount died anyway.

Horrendous stuff, but they are still blocking these people to this day for preying on the desperate.

Horrible things MLM's, the people trapped in them are just as much victims.

Hey ho, I'll get off my soapbox [emoji6]


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I've never seen Bioglan advertised except on it's web sight.I discovered it while browsing H&B.It is on their website of course.I'm sure it was Johnny Wilkinson (rugby) who endorsed it originally.I started juicing veggies a few years back because I thought I should.After 18mnths or so I didn't feel it was doing me any good and to be honest it was such a faff for very little result.But I know lots of people swear by it.My diet isn't the best so I feel better mentally as well as physically on BG.
Hi there! I am actually a rep myself. I stumbled across this page and I can say I am not desperate for a sale, especially since I usually recommend it to my patients (I'm a nurse as well) due to their quality of health and how it can benefit them. Now, I will point out, I do not get ANY of these sales that any of my patients may order. I dont even tell them I am a rep. However, I do tell them about it, because 1) its my job to educate them on the importance of nutrition, and 2) I am confident and living proof how much it has helped me, and especially my husband who had All the signs of celiac and was wasting away in front of my eyes because he couldnt absorb anything he ate, and his food choices were minimal at best. He reacted to EVERYTHING. Then, I put him on this and it's taken time, but over the course of a year, his gut has been able to heal and now his food options have vastly increased and so has his ability to tolerate and absorb them. This stuff allowed his microvilli to heal and absorb nutrients again and the difference is night and day. My daughter suffers from eczema and psoriasis so badly that huge rings of scabs that itched and bled were spreading all over her body...nothing we did helped. I got her on Juice Plus and it literally took it away in 2 weeks....my friends son had the same issue and got the same results. When my daughter doesn't take it like she is supposed to, the scabs come back. So yes, I can tell you these things and people can believe me or not. But I have personal experience with myself and my loved ones and when you put God made nutrient dense fruits and vegetables in your body, it starts to heal. It all starts in our bodies. And it takes 90-120 days for our red blood cells to regenerate. Plain and simple. My advice, don't knock it til you try it. All it is is 30 different fruits and veg allowed to ripen completely so all the nutrients are sure to go into it the last 24-48 hours of the ripening process. And they grind it all up, dry it at low temps to protect nutrients, and put it in a cap. Nothing to it. Do your research on phytonutrients and their importance to our bodies. There have been too many studies that prove it is essential and our bodies rely on it. And when produce is being picked too soon so it can go on the grocery shelf, all you're doing is buying artificially ripened produce with no nutrient value because it got picked too early. So I'm not looking for a sale, but I will shout it from the rooftops for everyone to hear how much it has helped not only me and my loved ones, but friends as well. Good luck and God bless.