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I bought a juicer because I want to incorporate some fruits and veggies minus the fiber and pain. It is an experiment but so far so good. All organic and made an apple juice and an apple/carrot they were delicious and didn't bother me.

Any other juice cocktails that sit well with people?
Ooh interesting - I wondered about trying that myself. My local supermarket has a special on juicers but I assumed it was too risky for us

Be really interested to hear what the consensus is - good thread!

Lishyloo x
Now there's an idea
I miss my fruit
mite hav get my juicer out the cupboard again

i used too like mixin watermelon with seedless grapes or pineapple
let us know how it goes as wen I get out I may be tryin this
I juice carrot and celery together, but add more celery than carrot. It helps get rid of extra water from pred. Also pinapple works great too, add a little orange at a time but not when your flaring.


I am experimenting slowly and keeping it basic. I don't want to throw a salad in there. I did 2 apples it was great. An apple/carrot yummy and fine. Yesterday I did an apple, celery stick, and some dandelion roots and I was ok but a little stomach upset. So I shall proceed with caution but I am excited.


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Just throwing this out there, because it's sorta been upon touched before, but juicers can also make some wholesome vegetable broths. Root vegetables, squashes and the like. Keep it in mind for your low-residue periods.

Juicers. They're not just for juice anymore.


That's a good idea, do you mean a cold broth? Otherwise I just let vegetables sit in broth and the vitamins/minerals leak out into the soup and I don't eat the pieces of fiber.
I have a Jack Lalanne juice. It's not bad. Does the job. The pulp is a bit moist and I don't like the idea of losing any juice, but the loss is negligible.

I used to wince when I threw away all the pulp. I figured it was a waste of good
food (expensive, too, since half of what I juice is organic). Now I say, "Good Riddance!"

Costco had a $30 or $40 rebate on Jack's juicer, but that was last month and may be overwith now.

I can say one thing, I feel better now that I've been juicing every day for a month.
Cabbage, broccoli, organic apple, organic carrot.

Reminds me, I have to do my nightly juicing right now.

Also reminds me, Jack's juicer is a pain to clean. Not a major inconvenience though.

I doubt I'll live as long as Jack, but here's to hoping!
(as I raise a glass of organic red wine)

Come to think of it, before I started juicing I was having constipation, but since juicing it's become manageable.
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Most Canadians can watch in the Canadian Tire store where I got mine, I got is half price and fully stainless steel. IF my husband can use it anyone can...
I am thinking the pulp might be good to add to my dogs BARF diet (Bones And Raw Food) My 400lbs of furry beasties don't do well on manufactured foods due to the breed. They already get chopped up sweet potato,Oatmeal and raw chicken carcases all ground together at a local Butcher. And if not then the composter in the garden will get it. But I will have issues with that for sure. I'm a pretty frugal sob at times :D

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Actually some vets will tell ya half an apple a week keeps the dogs regular, especially in the winter, but I have Goldens and they are touchy with digestion.
kenny said:
I'm a pretty frugal sob at times :D
Aren't we all. I hear it's in fashion these days.

I can be cheap as hell with some things,
spend extravagantly on others.
It all depends.

Dogs are omnivores, I think, so I'd say that's a wise use of pulp.
There is still plenty of residual nutrition left in that pulp, so it can only
benefit the dogs. Unless they have Crohns. Which makes me wonder,
do animals get Crohns or similar ailments too?

Disclaimer: you should completely disregard my comments and consult a veterinarian.
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Yes dogs can get Colitis, not sure of Crohns, my friend who has colitis had a dog who had colitis... makes you wonder huh?

My dogs love to eat Varying Hare (Rabit that changes colours in seasons) poop. Apparently it is high fiber!!! The are vegetarians and I assume it doesnt harm them. It is cold here and lots of snow and the dogs have nothing to eat fibrous.

We call them M&M's ... it's what they look like.
well a bag of apples netted me 1 1/2 cups of cider. Does my juicer just suck or is this a losing proposition? :(

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Well I am spoiled I have a star fritz apple peeler and a corer, you save alot of apple that way. Takes alot of apples but it is healthful!