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Has anyone out there tried the carrot and cabbage juicing yet? I've seen it a lot on youtube, but haven't tried it yet.
I haven't, and nor has my boyfriend. However, he does find that using Complan or other food replacement drinks do seem to give his digestive system a rest and does help alleviate some symptoms during a flare.
Daily for the last few years. Both work well for me. Like the carrot. Not overly fond of the cabbage.
Yeah i just use cabbage every morning 1 whole red cabbage juiced. Starting 1 in morning and 1 at night from today its bin 1 week since i've started the juicing diet. So far its worked a treat it dont tast too bad either.
Vijai - I have started 2 weeks ago to juice cabbage and carrot and take one cup in morning and one before bed. 8 cabbage leafs 1 apple and 3 carrots roughly.
The rest of the day I eat like normal. I am in remission I couldn't believe how fast this worked for me. I have been taken prior Mezavant and rectal form as well which worked spraticly now with the juicing I am jumping for joy no more blood and stools are normal again. I credit the stool to Probiotics I take that have DDS1 in it.
well I can say that its working wonders for me I have zero blood and only go to the rest room 4 times 2 times with 30 mins in the morning and same later on . no blood vs 10 to 15 tiems and lots of blood prior.
Carrot tastes great to me. Even if you don't like the taste (can be earthy) you can easily get used to it.

I started juicing carrots daily and within a month or so people were complimenting me on my skin tone. Great stuff.
Started a juicing regime and saw how my acne began to disappear, as well as the providing me with energy throughout the day (especially when I'm on an already restrictive diet). Just gotta get more disciplined with washing the juicer and prepping the veggies beforehand for convenience. It's really gotta be turned into a lifestyle lol
I don't juice but I buy Carrot Juice. It's always about 5 bucks at the store and lasts me about 2 weeks.

I'm cautious though. I was on accutane as a kid which is like nuclear levels of vitamin A and I always wonder if that might have been a precursor to my UC issues now.

I only drink about 1/3- 1/2 a cup. I read somewhere a guideline recommended daily dose as 1/3 cup for the average woman, 1/2 cup for the average men, and 1/4 cup for children. Although I think with our condition, double that might not hurt? Just always a good idea to start slow.

I can't tell if it's helping for the UC, but I'm not too consistent with it. My skin seems better, maybe a bit more toned?
I've been juicing 10-12 ounces of carrot juice everyday since last year with my Omega juicer. It works great, and I wouldn't be juicing anymore than that in a day as it starts to become more 'yin' (in Chinese medical terms). Carrot juice has an excellent bioavailable source of calcium (more so than dairy products as most of it today has been pasteurized).

I also throw in a nub of ginger root for added taste/medicinal value and sometimes a clove of garlic. Super tasty stuff. Never would I add any fruit to it.